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Neenah’s Against the Grain blogger in chief is always looking for interesting people doing interesting work. Von Glitschka is one such person. In fact, he is so prolific that he might actually be two such persons. We asked Von once about his name. The answer was beautiful and profoundly moving. But why don’t you contact him, introduce yourself and ask him yourself. You couldn’t know a nicer — or smarter — fellow. Here is his interview.

How do you define yourself professionally? In other words, is “designer” or “branding” the sum total of your offering?
The duality of skills within my creative arsenal inspired the title of “Illustrative Designer.” I coined this title because it more accurately defines what I do on a day to day basis. My work reflects the symbiotic relationship between design and illustration, and I leverage both disciplines on almost every project I work on.

Against the Grain
How do you convince prospects and clients that what you offer is not a commodity, especially during hard economic times?

Von Glitschka
I take the time to explain to prospective clients everything I do before I start any of my creative work. I share with them my creative process, how I research, glean information, ask questions, and process ideas which all facilitate the approach I’ll take with their project.

Too many designers can’t explain in a practical way how they approach their work, so why would they think their clients will be to understand it or appreciate the value of what they do? So it really isn’t a surprise that the public views design as a commodity.

Against the Grain
Where do you see you and your business in five years? Ten years?

Von Glitschka
I’d love to be doing more TV production design and custom product development. I’ve started to move into those areas now but hope to continue that growth moving forward.


Against the Grain
What do you think of this statement: “when you print, print it well.”

Von Glitschka
If you value your profession, and invest your time creating a well crafted design and want to get it printed, then don’t do it on cheap ass paper. Or in other words, don’t be a fast food designer and compromise your work printing on glorified hamburger wrappers.

Against the Grain
Do you think upcoming generations of designers can be better informed about printing, ink and paper?

Von Glitschka
Yes. The next generation of designers needs to set aside their graphic air of entitlement and learn from the veterans. Sure, this applies to older designers, but the real gold mine of insight can be found in work horse pressmen who’ve been in the trenches pre-computer and now direct to press. Learn from them, ask them questions because they’re a wealth of real-world non-theoretical information you’ll never find googling for it.

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    RJ said:

    Great Q&A. Nice to reiterate the fundamentals of what makes a designer successful while getting some additional insights.

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    Von is a great wealth of information on several levels and isn’t above sharing his insights on anything from design to self-promotion. What I admire most about him is his prolific work ethic. He is doing everything and makes me want to always try harder to create better work.

    Nice interview.