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Design Cubicle and Brian Hoff: Get Connected

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Brian Hoff of Design Cubicle is all over the social networking sphere. Neenah began following him on Twitter and Facebook early this summer. Brian always has something interesting to say and something awesome to share. This interview should inform and delight. Get to know him!

Where did you grow up and when/where were you born?

I was born and spend the early years of my life in Trenton, New Jersey. Currently at age 26 I live in Philadelphia, a city that has inspired me for the past 6 years.

If you have a degree, in what field is it and where did you attend school?

I have a BFA from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in Graphic & Interactive Design.

Other than your own work, whose creative work do you admire most?

Tough one to answer, but someone I admire is Jason Santa Maria. Jason really nails the problem solving aspect of a designer and his work displays brilliant creativity while solving a problem, being accessible, intuitive and usable.

Before you set off on your own, where did work? Was that your first paid assignment?

Prior to working towards full time independency I worked at Apple for nearly 4 years as a software trainer. My first paid assignment as a designer was for a local Philadelphia band’s website that I experimented with Flash…. Let’s just say it was the last time I played with Flash.

You do logo work. Name a few famous logos in the market that are overdue for a makeover.

One particular company’s logo that drove me nuts for years is Google’s logo. To be honest with you I have never really understood any of their design approach (or lack there of). Don’t get me wrong, Google is absolutely brilliant and one of my favorite companies but please Google, hire some good designers!

On your site, you show a lot of logos but not many applications to print, interactive, websites or digital. Are you mainly a logo guy?

I have always enjoyed the conceptual, as well as the creative process for logo design so I have centered my business and work mainly in identity design, although I am fully capable of web and print as well. Many of the companies that contact me that are in need of a logo as require business cards, stationery and website design/redesign so those areas typically fall into place to accompany their new identity.

I’ve always felt its best to….

…Work as hard as you can for what you love to do. Hard work, passion and dedication will always shine through in what you do and get you where you want to be.

In a word, describe your first response to a new project.

It’s more like a sound effect… “Woop!”

What music are you listening to these days?

I’m always listening to music while designing and blogging… can’t do without it. Some of the bands I’m listening to currently and favorites include Mute Math, Pixies, Tool, The Decemberists, Sigur Ros, and my personal favorite sounds to drift off to while designing is any ambient drum n bass… love it!

How much time did you spend blogging yesterday?

Unfortunately now that you mention it I need to write another post for my blog, but yesterday I had not written anything for my own site, The Design Cubicle. However I do stay current with over 300+ other blogs that I subscribe to so that keeps me busy for a while throughout the day. Reading blogs is a great way to stay current and learn new things so I always try my best to improve my own skills. On my personal site, www.BrianHoff.net, I have subscription links to the blogs I read so people are also able to learn and discover great content.

Out in the blogosphere, name two people you’d most like to meet for a drink.

David Airey and Jacob Cass are two guys that really influenced my blogging endeavors. I have always enjoyed the way the mixed both personal and business into their blogs and since reading them have felt connected to the writers. They seem like approachable guys…

What is best single Twitter you’ve received in the past few weeks?

I recently redesign my personal site, www.brianhoff.net and have received a lot of great feedback in the past two days. One included: “csharpdesign: Brian Hoff’s new site is a triumph in minimalism http:// www.brianhoff.net/”

If you had a million dollars fall out of the sky, what would you do with it to improve your life and career?

I would definitely invest a good portion of it into opening up my own studio space with other freelance designers. I have always been drawn to really inspiring workspaces and the current “room” I’m working in isn’t quite cutting it. Custom built workspace here I come! Also I am very much into self-development so I would invest into more books, take classes, attend more conferences and seminars, etc. I would also like to host conferences and seminars for other designers to help them learn how to invest in their own self-improvement and freelancing careers. On a more personal note I love technology, tea and artwork so I would buy a boatload of that too!

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