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Paul Sahre’s Type Director’s Club Poster: Simplicity

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Paul Sahre is an author, teacher and designer who works out of a small studio nestled between a Dunkin Donut shop and a Driving School near the corner of 6th Avenue and 14th Street. Sahre’s intelligent designs and op-art appear frequently in the New York Times. Sahre is a man of few words. And when he utters them, he makes them count. Witness that in this brief interview.

Against the Grain
Tom Wright wanted me to ask you a few questions about this poster. I hope you can take the time to explain it to me. First, there is a lot of type. Go figure. What made you take on this challenge?

Paul Sahre
This was the way I presented the concept to the TDC board:

Direction A: Your Work Here

Super boring, one color self-referential poster that relies exclusively on matter-of-fact descriptions of work that will be recognized by the judges of TDC 56 and eventually be included in the annual exhibition to come.

Against the Grain
This is a poster/direct mailer. Do you expect a lot of folks to save this and hang it on the walls of their studios?

Paul Sahre
We were working with a set format that the TDC does every year. It is a poster that happens to be mailed, so, yes, I do hope people hang it up and look at it often, maybe even for hours on end with no breaks. And then send in tons of entries to the TDC.


Against the Grain
Your geometric design on the face side is mesmerizing…will you discuss your concept and execution?

Paul Sahre
These are placeholders for the actual work that will be submitted.

Against the Grain
Fourth, who wrote the text in the face page? You?

Paul Sahre
I wrote a bunch, then my studio mate Peter Ahlberg wrote a bunch and then designer Mary Banas wrote a bunch.

Against the Grain
Was the point to express the near infinite possibilities type offers designers?

Paul Sahre
Nope. we were literally asking for the work that would eventually get into the annual.

Against the Grain
Finally, I was not told yet which Neenah paper this was printed on…did you select the paper and, if so, why?

Paul Sahre
The paper is Classic Crest, Welsh Blue. It was the closest Neehah had to default light blue Xerox paper, only much nicer, of course.

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    Ken said:

    Love the TDC poster. Paul does great work!