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Ryan McGovern Chats About Design With Milton Glaser

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Host, Ryan McGovern leads an informal face-to-face with this imaginative modern renaissance man — a rare breed of designer-illustrator that has influenced and delighted the world of art and graphic design.

Glaser’s ever-expanding portfolio of work includes the original I Love NY campaign logo (1976) — described as “the most frequently imitated logo design in human history.” With the founding of New York Magazine (1968), co-founding of Pushpin Studios (1954) and his own studio, Milton Glaser, Inc.(1974), he’s been able to pursue his passions and successfully navigate a career that’s pointed many clients, friends and fellow designers down a path of true creativity. 

DesignChat founder and host, Ryan McGovern continues to build relationships and connections that bridge the gap between the in-the-trenches design work that we all know, and the aspirations we all need to have. As a talented Art Director himself, he balances a demanding full-time position with the responsibilities of leading the DesignChat community.

McGovern’s pioneering efforts to communicate the value of design through social media (especially DesignChat) helps us all understand that we’re part of something bigger — a design and communication collective that continues to accelerate our industry.

McGovern’s easy conversation and style help to bring the sometimes lofty world of design into perspective. His position as weekly chat host and curator highlights his passion and curiosity for everything design. McGovern is a personality and presence that lets us all into the group and welcomes the discussions that follow.

Watch the chat with Milton Glaser here:




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    Kevin G said:

    This is incredible! I’m so sad I missed design chat that week! Thanks to Ryan and Neenah Paper for making this available.