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Fiberglass-Lined Underwear and Other Discomforts by Terry Marks

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Terry Marks: Appeared in his own video playing his senior alter ego, Alter Marks. This 85 year old made some mistakes that you should not. Got to the link and download the 15 classic.

Spring is here. The season when fancy turns into love. Ahhh. After a few seasons economic discontent, that’s not a bad thing. And if fancy does not morph into love, perhaps it can turn into reflection. Or relief.

The past year has been difficult. It has begged us to look for positive lessons. Whenever economy begins to tank, it seems designers on the edge either dig deeper — or jump ship. I applaud those who have a new conviction and have pursued it with abandon. I envy them.

Goethe said, “Trust yourself and you will know how to live.” Easier said than done at times, but the compulsion to assume a new venture is hard to deny during dark days like those we have experienced recently. The enthusiasm of those who do is contagious. We are fascinated with the Next Big Thing., whatever it is.  We can separate the wheat from the chaff later, when we have time to breath again.


If Dogs Can, Why Not You?

The reasons one begins a new endeavor, are not often the same as why we continue on with it. As for me, I find that most new skills or interests I’ve picked up to improve myself or advance my career have not really changed the essential me: at my most basic level, I still simply love to make things tell stories. New skills are must tactics to accomplish those two innate goals.

So, if trusting oneself is to know how to live, what about trusting you are in the right place when that places feels like fiberglass in your underwear? You have to put up with some discomfort now and then‑more now, than then. Welcome to adulthood, ladies and gentlemen, it’s not all easy. Life—work—is hard, sometimes uncomfortable work. Persevering in through difficulty or doubt is part of the deal.  Ask any “Lost Boy.”

Eventually, the Chick Always Hits the Fan

Eventually, the Chick Always Hits the Fan

Whatever the latest economic storm blows upon our shore, you learn to ride it out. No matter how many Facebook friends you have, you still turn to real friends to help you through.  Don’t be distracted. Don’t give in. Don’t turn back. Do what you believe in.


Do What You Love. Good Things Will Come.

The honest, the true triumphs every time. It’s not all about you. Others are going through it, too. If you truly care about what you’re doing and the people with whom you do it, you will survive the storm’s high waters. The Hebrew word “ashar” literally means, “the right road.” It means blessed. What a brilliant idea: to be blessed is to be where you ought to be.

Stay the course, friends.

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    tom wright said:

    lil’ ol’ tmarks popped up on a couple blogs today. Yours and this one from Mexico. It’s all about timing eh?


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    Terry hits the mark in regards to trying times and hard work; the two are certainly hand in glove.

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    Billy said:

    Terry, I love ya man. Great post

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    josh higgins said:

    Terry is genius. Love.

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    I miss me some Terry Marks. Terry awesome as always.