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Twitterview with Creativille’s Steve Hartman

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NeenahPaper The moment you’ve all been waiting for- our Twitterview with Creativille is starting!  Hi Steve, welcome!

Creativille Hellllllllooooooooooooooooooo Thanks for having me!

NeenahPaper Sure, let’s get started-Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Creativille I’ve been a designer for 18 years. I graduated from EIU worked at Falk Harrison for 8 years. I started Creativille 10 yrs ago. I live and work in my hometown of Edwardsville, Illinois (St. Louis area). Married and have 3 active boys.

NeenahPaper Having 3 little boys probably does wonders for your creativity. How do they inspire you?

Creativille You mean how they wear me down until my ideas and thoughts lose there lucidity?  You have no choice to be inspired by child’s thought process. It reinforces my design process/thinking Why Not!?

NeenahPaper I love that!

NeenahPaper You live in a small town- can tell us about running a design business in a small town.

Creativille Its difficult. Either they don’t want to understand the power of creativity, or think its only available in the big city.

NeenahPaper You are a self proclaimed one man shop. Does that help or hurt in this economy?

Creativille In the beginning, it helped. Now, no one is spending anything. It doesn’t matter your size.

NeenahPaper You are an excellent marketer & for living in a small town, you have MANY connections!  What’s your advice to others on making lasting connections?

Creativille Lasting connections are made from relationships, not numbers. Fueling the conversation is key to being completely connected.  Most of my connections online are from being involved in AIGA at both local & national levels

NeenahPaper Coincidence? We met at the AIGA Conference in Memphis. What value do you see in attending design conferences?

Creativille Didn’t we meet over Manhattans? Speaking of connectedness. AIGA is the No.1 reason I have a notable career.

NeenahPaper Yes, I even have a not so terrific picture of us when we interviewed you for our blog- I’ll spare everyone.

Creativille There are lots of those photos of me out there.  AIGA Conferences are the tweets of continuing education. They are short blasts

NeenahPaper I know you do a lot of non-profit work. Can you tell me about some of the work that you do?

Creativille As my family grows, Ive paired down volunteerism. I’m focused on the Eville Art Center and our local Rotary they both are great orgs that fit my passions of creativity and staying involved locally.

NeenahPaper I think it’s great to show your kids volunteering and contributing at young ages…I know my son loves to help!

Creativille The boys love the Eville Art Center It’s a big playground for them

NeenahPaper What is the most important lesson you can pass on about being an active participant in your community?

Creativille All levels of volunteerism are needed. Just do something.  I use volunteerism to learn something new, or to hone a new skill.

NeenahPaper That’s a great way of looking at it…

Creativille Thanks. It keeps it interesting and fulfilling.

NeenahPaper What advice do you give to the youngsters out there trying to make it in design?

Creativille Are you calling me old? Kidding.  Be patient with the economy. Keep you passion alive volunteer w/ AIGA. Keep educating yourself.

NeenahPaper No not calling you old- just wise.

Creativille Awwwww. The baldness makes me wise

NeenahPaper In your creative process, where does paper choice fit in?

Creativille I love paper and printing.  Here’s a quick story from my blog about that:

Creativille And another blog post on using paper: Texture and weight have a relationship with the sense of touch that communicates emotion.  As you can see…. I love paper.

NeenahPaper I can see that you love paper!  Across your career, what is the one piece of design work you are most proud of?

Creativille An exhibit for Eville Art Center using AIGA get out the vote posters. It made it into Commarts Design Annual  Its success made an impact in our local community for all involved.

NeenahPaper What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

Creativille I’m investigating and planning the creation of designed products to sell or license.  I like the idea of online passive income, but need to completely understand it and test a few things first.

NeenahPaper Sounds interesting, keep us posted.  Want to talk about your logo project?

Creativille Sure. Its become more of an experiment for my involvement on LinkedIn.  If those who are reading are interested in what we are talking about go here:  It’s getting mixed reviews from inside the community. And no response from outside the industry.  In the end, I’ll make it a case study for my blog about its overall response.

NeenahPaper No risk, no reward.

Creativille That was my thinking when I started Creativille ten years ago.

NeenahPaper Thank you Steve for taking time to join us today!

Creativille You are so welcome Neenah Paper! I feel honored that you cared enough to ask anything. This was fun!