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Does it Work Washing Your Hands, Too?

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The pause for pleasure that refreshes.

Cameron Moll spoke this afternoon in the Korbel Ballroom. The title of his talk was Good vs. Great Design…a bit of a shame because that titled seems like refried beans when he was serving fresh and local ideas.  Who the heck came up with that yawner of a topic title.? The second title (perhaps the original before the editors got ahold of it?!!)  on his handout was more compelling:  The Creative Pause. Of the many interesting points the charming and handsome Mr. Moll makes (illeratation!), is that sometimes the best ideas come to us when we disengage. When we think about the journey, not the destination. When consider the user’s path, not the final design.

When we really, truly consider the problem BEFORE our outsized egos start trying to come up with a solution. In his ending comments, he spoke of how so many good ideas (and bad songs) come to us in the shower. We are naked. We are isolated. We have the white noise of water. Unless we are suicidal, we have stowed away all electronic devices. We just have ourselves and our thoughts and our rubber ducky and soap on a roap.

Mr. Moll, being the OCD kind of fellow he seems to be, also has a Diver’s Board= —  a water-resistant sketch pad favored by swim team coaches — just in case he comes up with an idea that might be worth saving. Mr. Moll is right. Pause before you go. Stop and listen. You never know, you might learn enough to find a solution that will endure through the ages. His talk was instructive. His visual aids were amusing and inspiring. He is a talented thinker and speaker. More Moll, please!



Moll (L) mulls a thoughtful question after his talk.