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Gold PAPERWORKS Letterhead Contest Winners Q1 2010

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You could be a winner!  We run Letterhead and Text/Cover PAPERWORKS Contests that are judged quarterly.  There are 4 regions, 3 winners in each region in each category, 2 contest categories. That’s 24 winners each quarter! Gold winners receive $500, Silver winners receive $300 and Bronze winners receive $150. Additionally each of the winners receives 2 “N” awards trophies!

Here are the GOLD Winners in our Q1 PAPERWORKS Letterhead Contest:

Eastern Region Gold Winner

Beth Granigan, Granigan Design

Baker Street Bread Identity printed on CLASSIC CREST® Papers


Central Region Gold Winner

Morgan Ott, PriceWeber Marketing

PriceWeber Identity printed on CLASSIC CREST® Papers

Southern Region Gold Winner

Charlie Howlett, Concussion Advertising

Teak Tree Identity printed on CLASSIC CREST® Papers


Western Region Gold Winner

Robert Arena, Bug Press, Inc.

Foxfarm Soil and Fertilizer Company Identity printed on CLASSIC CREST® Papers



For more information on our PAPERWORKS contest, visit http://www.neenahpaper.com/ContestForms/

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