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Walking the Dogs & Other Inspiring Activities (No.2)

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Life’s too short to go thirsty.

We live in an old in town neighborhood where people can still walk to nearby stores and shops. We are blessed to be close to the city’s biggest green park, the botanic garden, art galleries, grocery stores and quite a few of the city’s best restaurants. Yet sometimes, lost in thoughts of more troubling things, I forget to remember how lucky I am to live so close to such splendid opportunities.

My three friends panting are always there to remind me.


Pup Pub Crawling in Morningside Neighborhood of Atlanta.

In one small stretch, Morningside Village, the shopkeepers, bar owners and salon operators put out bowls of water for passing canines — especially welcome when temps are north of 9oF and humidity makes it feel north of 100F. My three colleagues, Beau, Zak and Chandler, play no favorites: they stop and take a sip from every single bowl. It is the doggy equivalent of that sophomoric past time from our youth: the pub crawl.


Life: good to the last drop.


Another round?