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On Brand Apart Identity, Great Minds Think Alike

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Ferreira Design and Henry & Company make brands stand apart.

Not long ago, a new identity system for a company called Brand Apart came to our attention. Designed by Ferreira Design Co. of Alpharetta, GA and produced by the specialty printer and finisher Henry & Company of Chamblee, GA, the identity package was printed on Neenah’s own Classic Crest Line. The piece is robust and extremely thoughtful, containing plenty of surprises that will make you smile–but not so many that you’re left shaking your head .



One classy letterhead system.

The piece’s simplicity honors good design, and highlights the way designer Lionel Ferreira allowed print production techniques to play a guiding role in the final piece. It’s a reminder: when clear, understated design is wed to skillful, craft-oriented print production, beautiful things can happen. Ferreira Design Co. and Henry & Company, led by scion Jason Henry, have been exploring the interplay of design and print together for many years, to great success.

Folder 2

Pocket folder with letterhead.

Brand Apart is a consulting firm that uses design and marketing tactics to help their clients build emotional connections with their consumers, building lasting “relationships” between brands and customers rather than one-off transactions. Sounds like the mission of a good marriage counselor, eh? For Brand Apart, Ferreira and Henry developed this identity package that helps Brand Apart stand apart from the rest. With a name like that, would you expect anything less?

Henry says working with Ferreira Design Co. is always a pleasure–if you’re ready to push the paper envelope and go out on a limb, according to some exacting standards of quality and craftsmanship. Henry & Company always is.

“My father built this business around craftsmanship,” says Henry’s son. “Die-cutting, scores, folds, laminates, foils, letterpress, embossing — the stuff that makes design geeks and print aficionados red cheeked with anticipation. Ferreira loves this stuff but he also knows how to strike a balance between function and delight. That, too, is a skill. The most beautiful work is often the quietest — and the Brand Apart job has a lot of quiet little tricks that will bring a smile to your face without getting in the way of its foremost function as a stationery system while still making a crystal clear statement about its brand values.”

Folder 1

Nip and tuck.

“The Brand Apart symbol represents the strength and harmony of the dynamic relationship between Brand Apart and their clients, where clients are able to find their voice,” says Ferreira. “The symbol pairs a voice box with a target to create a ‘b’ letterform that becomes the basis for the custom Brand Apart logotype.”

The letterforms, color selection and usage, production and finishing techniques, paper stock and weight selection, formats and sizes, and pattern creations all articulate the company’s brand values. Using Classic Crest with letterpress, emboss, deboss, and die cutting techniques adds tactile value to the message.

“The Brand Apart name and identity demanded a bold, youthful look that was beyond the expected,” concludes Ferreira. “What made this project special was the fact that Brand Apart understood and embraced the tactile aspects of finishing, asking for letter press and design detailing from the very beginning.”