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Sweet Victory… in Paper

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“Your Honor, I have in my hand…”

Much of paper’s past purpose was analog. It stored stuff.  It bound human beings to legal obligations. It bore witness. Not long ago I had to be in an attorney’s office to sign countless legal forms. I brought my lucky Neenah pen.

The office was stuck in 1973. Broadloom carpet. Windowless, close-door offices. An upside down sea of fluorescent lights drained the room, leaving the hues of dead leaves and overcooked vegetables. Muzak played a Hamlisch hit, Seems Like Old Times. My foot kept time.

The attorney stepped away momentarily to retrieve more forms. I chanced a photo of the surrounding morass; a room crowded with stalagmites of yellowed paper and dog-eared folders, the forgotten twins of sibling piles moldering in drawers across town. Forensic proof. Silent, moldy, irrefutable testimony.

Paper today is often reserved for palpable connections — a way to touch people and motivate positive action. The human antidote to bloodless digital. Who keeps paper copies nowadays? Go green! Go digital! …Then I remember.

Dread creeps into my mind. I’m in agony. A disembodied voice on the line snaps her demand, Do you have a hard copy of that document, sir? Uncertain, I grow cold. My throat closes. I must  find it. My life depends upon it. “Think, think, think! Where is that document? Do I even still have it?!”

Eureka. It appears to me in a vision. Truth, tucked inside a grey metal file box, in the attic,  beneath a faded plastic Santa and his few remaining elves. You exhale. “Yes, I have a copy. It is in my files. I will fax it to you.”

Irrefutable evidence. Am analog savior in paper format. Sweet victory. Case closed.


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    Great article Matt!!!