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At Neenah, Green is More Than an Opportunity

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Opportunity Green 2010 Conference Brochure on ENVIRONMENT® Papers

By Jamie Saunders, Marketing Communications for Neenah Paper

For the second year in a row, Neenah Paper has chosen to sponsor and attend the Opportunity Green Conference in Los Angeles. The draw is obvious, thousands of professionals with entrepreneurial attitudes committed to sustainable business. Thousands of people all looking for ways to get the facts so they can make good decisions.

We’ll blog this week about our experience at the Opportunity Green Conference to share some of that knowledge with you hopefully helping you make decisions you can be proud of as well. In return, we ask that you share what you learn with someone else so we can keep that green knowledge base growing.  A quote from our recent Hard Core ENVIRONMENT® Papers promotional piece says it best,  “The road to a greener, healthier planet will be long and difficult, but it is a journey we must take. It requires billions of people working together to make quadrillions of personal, greener choices.”

Here is our experience on Day One at the Opportunity Green Conference:

In the heart of LA, on the main stage where Mad Men is filmed, Neenah Paper’s Kristen Hogan was able to present the Neenah Green story to some of the greenest leaders and entrepreneurs in the world. Just as truth in advertising might have been an issue in the 50’s, today’s green washing is of equal concern. It’s rewarding knowing that her message surrounding the certification of our products, the purchase and use of green energy and even statements of zero landfill resonate with this group and would make  advertising industry giants of the past like David Ogilvy proud of how our message is clean, pure and third party certified.


The Opportunity Green Conference strives to live up to it’s name not just in the multitude of green company sponsors but in the way the conference itself is run. It’s not uncommon to see recepticles like this around the conference reminding attendees to put into action what you’ve learned.


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