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Twitterview: We Just Can’t Get Enough of Dyana Valentine’s Goodness

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Neenah Paper Dyana, tell us the “need to knows” about you.

Dyana Valentine I’m a fire hose in a garden hose world. Instigator, DyVa and Tension Seeker & honored to be invited to help teams and entreps rock.

Dyana Valentine I was the nosy, bossy 1 who knew what everyone was up to. Getting $ 2 connect folks & creatively solve probs= getting paid to be me.

Neenah Paper You’ve experienced many jobs over the yrs, care to share your fave or one that pushed u to go off on your own?

Dyana Valentine Ahh, well, I was working for the devil and a friend asked if I’d help him scale his biz–I said YES, and he was my first $ gig.

Neenah Paper It’s great to be “saved” sometimes isn’t it?

Dyana Valentine Eeerm, “saved” is right–I did have the cosmic collar grab of a serious injury that really got me out of that “job.”

Neenah Paper What’s Project Impossible?

Dyana Valentine An intensive coaching series that guides folks through finishing what wants to be finished and plotting their greatness.

Neenah Paper Well I caught a snippet of your coaching skills at the HOW Conference in June. It’s such a remarkable talent.

Dyana Valentine Thanks so much–what turned you on about it? I always am on another plane, sort of, when I’m working with 400+ folks.  

Neenah Paper The “Hello I’m Good” at stickers were what drew me in. I answered mine with “TALKING”. LOL.

Dyana Valentine I think the HELLO, I’m really good at stickers work b/c they give us a chance to really connect on something FUN–first.

Neenah Paper Where’d you get the idea for those? Super cool. For those of u that haven’t seen them: http://bit.ly/99204n

Dyana Valentine Found a version by @overheardatmoo – they were cool w/me making them my own! Photos on HELLO album: http://bit.ly/hirgadv

Neenah Paper What’s your first step in “coaching” someone towards their goal? What’s your last step?

Dyana Valentine There’s no fixed formula. I’m against most! Each workshop or session starts w/the client project and the energy around it.

Dyana Valentine Start with: idea/project and leave with tools for leaping/deciding/finishing what they start, using their own style.

Neenah Paper You seem to be the epitome of self confidence, is that nature or nurture?

Dyana Valentine You are kidding, right? Part façade, part reality. I’m confident that life is an experiment & learn a lot from failing.

Dyana Valentine Learned more failing than easily succeeding. Not 2 say I romanticize screwing up, but there’s gold in them thar flops.

Neenah Paper No kidding- you exude confidence…or you should win an emmy!

Dyana Valentine Ha! I’ll take the Emmy! No, really, I do feel very confident & brave–well NOT scared of taking risks–that shows, huh?

Neenah Paper I’m a big believer in that theory myself.

Neenah Paper It’s important for you to know that Dyana doesn’t do anything half-way she pours herself into each project.

Dyana Valentine Well, no, let me be honest here. I do some things half-assed-sometimes it works and is appropriate. Don’t sell it short.

Neenah Paper But your 1/2 way is someone else’s 100%!

Neenah Paper You help a lot of people manage their lives and careers. How do you manage time for yourself?

Dyana Valentine You are shining a giant spotlight on my Achilles heel! I don’t notice I need rest until I’m unconscious or sick.

Neenah Paper Many of us are like that. A wise person once told me “there’s a reason rollercoasters are only at amusement parks.” (Thanks Matt Porter!)

Neenah Paper So knowing when to get off the rollercoaster before you get sick is a smart move!

Dyana Valentine That’s a great one–I do put a lot of myself in2 my work. there’s something incredible about getting paid to be 100% me.

Dyana Valentine I’m getting much better at resting, having more fun and shutting the heck up (that helps me recuperate).

dyana v

Neenah Paper A fun one: Name 3 things (in your purse, on your desk, in your life) that you CANNOT live without.

Dyana Valentine Ahhhh, essentials for inspiration and ideation: @designboom ,cooking supplies (sharp knives!), space pen and my camera.

Neenah Paper A foodie!

Dyana Valentine Yep, love food, love cooking, love cookbooks–need a ladle and a smaller saucepan at the moment (lit and fig).

Neenah Paper Who do you consider your personal/professional heroes?

Dyana Valentine S/heroes: mom & dad 4 making art & teaching me how to live “people first,” folks w/ strong boundaries and who take risks

Dyana Valentine More s/heroes: Tyler Perry, Twyla Tharp, Aruhdhati Roy

Dyana Valentine Other ways 2 rest: days of silence: no music, internet, tv, talking. It’s AMAZING realizing what you don’t have to say. Very helpful.

Neenah Paper Do you meet someone and size them up immediately or wait to get to know them?

Neenah Paper We talked on the phone a few times before this interview, I felt like you had already assessed me!

Dyana Valentine Hmmm, I think “size ups” happened b/c you were open & generous w/yourself–it’s easy to get to the juicy juice that way.

Neenah Paper BTW, I got off the phone with Dyana feeling empowered and inspired in just 30 minutes. Imagine if we had more time? Phew.

Dyana Valentine Very cool-what did you feel inspired to do after our phone date?

Neenah Paper I was inspired to give myself permission to take a break and also to be a better listener.

Dyana Valentine how wonderful. I love that I had any part in getting you permission to be even more wonderful. Listen, rest, permit.

Neenah Paper I liked what u said about empowerment coming from w/in & how I probably know what i need 2 do, I just need 2 do it!

Dyana Valentine did I say that? I guess it’s true, but I think YOU might have said/realized that on your own. Beauty of being watched.

Neenah Paper Not in so many words, but I started listening that day rather than just hearing what you said.

Dyana Valentine BIG diff btw listening and hearing. Now you know, you are good at both.

Dyana Valentine I know we are wrapping up soon. I want to thank you for an awesome experience! This is so fun.

Neenah Paper Thank you so much Ms. Dyana for taking time out for us today. Brilliant as always and I am better for knowing you.

Neenah Paper xxoo

Neenah Paper Make sure you visit Dyana’s site for more about her and what she does: http://dyanavalentine.com/

Dyana Valentine MY pleasure! Thank you all and please do connect with me and share your ideas.