What We Gained: New Directions

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Emily Potts Left Us a Few More Thoughts from the Gain Conference last week. She writes…

Technology is cold. Yes, yes it is. Jonathan Harris of Number 27, writes computer codes and studies how humans interact with the digital world. He talks about how writing code eventually eats away at your humanity …. there is no emotional connection. “The web was this new world that opened up in the 90s … it was incredibly weird and diverse,” but gradually people started inhabiting the space …. we’re all living in a virtual space online devoid of human, emotional contact. Now, step away from the computer, go outside, kiss your partner, enjoy your day.

On the Subject of the Femme Den and Erica Eden we will learn more later. This was a fascinating conversation.

Save good women from bad design. That’s the mantra at Smart Design’s Femme Den, according to Erica Eden, who did a brilliant presentation on the current state of product design for women—the “shrink it and pink it” approach. Make it pink, pretty, and petite and women will buy it—or so many product manufacturers think. Wrong. “Women have evolved, but the products have not kept up,” Eden explains. A great recent example of a product that was designed with women in mind, is the Flip video recorder, although the design is wonderfully transparent for both genders.

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