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Christian Helms Designs What He Loves

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To quote The Decoder Ring Design Concern website: “Christian is a co-founder and partner in The Decoder Ring Design Concern, a quirky and spirited studio located in the ever-evolving epicenter of Texan hipness: Austin. There he spends his days harvesting the aesthetics of our past and scrambling them with awkward sketches, happy accidents and big ideas. Part designer, part writer and part dance-machine, Christian is proof positive that you can become a success by being “kinda good” at a lot of different things.”

One of those things that Christian is kinda good at is inspiring other designers to design for what you love. A fresh-faced Christian took us through a few of his projects including his beloved restaurant, Frank” a hot dog eatery in Austin that serves up clever word play, illustration as well as a killer hot dog.  For more photos be sure to visit:

Can’t wait for the next opportunity to get to Austin!