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The Good of Doing Good

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The Good of Doing Good

[Guest Editorial by David Kendall of Kendall Ross/Seattle]  Pro bono. No two words strike both fear and anticipation in the hearts of designers. We, as designers, get involved in these projects for a number of reasons. From my experience, most designers get involved because we are a giving, thoughtful and just darn nice bunch – sometimes to a fault. We also have a hard time saying no. However, I’m sure many of us have also wanted to take an x-acto knife (if we could find one) to these nice, kind and caring pro bono clients. Kinda like smacking down grandma.

For the most part, these projects generally provide designers the opportunity not only to give back, but also do a little creative stretching – all good things. I also like to think of pro bono as creative brain flossing to pick out all those PowerPoint bullets and Comic San type that are lodged up there in our noggin after chewing on a meal of “client-directed” creative.

Despite the pros and cons of pro bono, our office still seeks out and engages in these projects. We do this because we believe that it demonstrates that our office has heart and personality. We’re not just another vendor, another service provider or any other cringe-worthy names. We are truly a part of their community in many far reaching ways.

So, for the good of us all, go out there and do some more good.


About the Author: David Kendall serves as principal and creative director at Kendall Ross, retail brand and design firm based in Seattle. Their work focuses on turning retail insights into retail successes. ( & David has a MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and serves as an adjunct design instructor at Cornish College of the Arts. He can be reached at