Out With the Old? Rethink. Reuse. Repurpose.

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Rethink. Reuse. Repurpose.

Every time we update technology, we create unwanted gadgets. What to do with all this stuff?

As we put away the Yule trimmings and sort through the rubble of user manuels and misplaced parts, please remember this: Last year’s hot new toys and gadgets can become this year’s additions to the back shelf or, worse, the landfill.

Electronic gadgets are, according to many reports, are today’s greatest contributors to the waste stream.  OK, you creative minded individuals, so what do you suggest we do with last year’s FLIP, 2007’s NANO, your old EXTREME? Can a Snow Leopard change its spots?

Write or Tweet or Facebook us your ideas of how to reuse and repurpose your outdated gadgets!

Then again, some things are just timeless technologies. When I am not using this gigantic Alessi grater to render a block of aged parmesan (thank you DKL of St. Louis for this multipurpose wedding gift in 2008), I put a light under it and use it as a night light sconce.



Make yours a light sconce.


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    I love you Matt Porter!

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    AmyTN said:

    It is so true! Our electronic gadgets either don’t last or become technologically outdated so fast and there are very few options to re-purpose or recycle the used items. It would be nice if the tech savvy people could come up with designs that could be upgraded with the newer technology than have to discard the old to get the new.
    The grater/sconce: What a cute idea! I bet it creates a beautiful light.
    P.S. I think I recognize that table :-)