Ryan McGovern Chats with Terry Marks

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Design Chat with Terry Marks

Ryan McGovern chats with Terry Marks, founder of TMARKS from Seattle who shares his valuable insight on the business of design. Terry discusses what it’s like starting a business, what keeps him going and why good design is so important.

DesignChat is a weekly, live video discussion for the ENTIRE design community. Yes we have special guests, but the magic happens when YOU join the chat because you can help shape it. We take questions from the audience, and if you are savvy enough to have a web cam, you can jump on video and ask your question ‘face-to-face’ with whatever design rockstar we happen to have on. Chats happen here every Wednesday night at 9pmEST / 8pmCST / 6pmPST. If you miss them you can download them for free on iTunes. Follow us on Twitter to get updates about upcoming shows and send us suggestions for guests!

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    James Gray said:

    Great conversation, thanks for posting this!

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    Neenah Paper said:

    We will get Ryan to keep on keeping on with such posts. They are indeed enjoyable!