Old, New, Borrowed, Blue: Spring Green Weddings!

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Guest Contributor Abbey Fowler with Syd Design of Grand Rapids, MI

Vernal Wedding?

Wedding season, 2011 has officially begun! Whether you are putting the final touches on an early Spring wedding or just getting into the swing of a Summer wedding, it’s that time of year where us wedding vendors live and breath the details. This is also the time where many brides can get carried away with last minute additions, dashing over budgets & forgetting to research eco-conscious alternatives. It’s the perfect opportunity to talk about a few of those final details, and some green ways to pursue them. Keeping with the same theme as my first post, I will organize these ideas with the four concepts outlined in this classic Victorian poem:

Something old, something new; Something borrowed, something blue; And a silver sixpence in her shoe.



Something Old: Magazine or Newspaper Poms

Let’s start with some re-used materials. I don’t personally subscribe to a newspaper, but I do receive a lot of magazines, as do many brides during their planning months. Poms are a popular decoration, often used with tissue paper. However, any type of paper material will look quite adorable made up into these suspended puffy objects. Poms can be a great addition to a wedding reception, bridal shower, on top of stir sticks (mini poms!) and in many more places. One of my favorite places to see poms is on the wedding day transportation. They can be a cute replacement for the tacky aluminum pop cans (a little less environmentally friendly too). Use these for the wedding party transportation, like a rented bus or trolley, and for the couple’s getaway car. (Poms by Syd Design).

Something New: Umbrellas & Chalkboards

Having last minute jitters about your reception decor not living up to everything you dreamed of? It can be daunting to see all the intricate real wedding posts on wedding blogs or magazines and realize your budget doesn’t allow for a full service event designer. Here are a couple ideas to add a little spice to the look of your reception.


Umbrellas — Hang ‘em high and upside down over the dance floor or dinner tables. Large, inexpensive additions can add a lot of color and dramatic effect. Easily hung with a few lines of strong, thin wire and then of course used later for a rainy day or donated to a local homeless shelter. Umbrella wedding photos courtesy of Southern California Wedding Photographers Gabriel Ryan and Carlie Rennee. See more of this on the Green Wedding Shoes blog.


Chalkboards — Chalkboards are a fun, trendy way to display the seating chart, menu or table numbers. They can also be used throughout for little instructional signs, i.e. a guest book or photo booth sign. All you need to find is the chalkboard (which you can also make yourself with some chalkboard paint and a cute vintage frame), and a friend with fancy hand writing! Chalkboards, if saved, will make a fun toy for the couple’s future children. Image above from Kai Heeringa Photography be sure to check out the rest of this lovely wedding here.



Something Borrowed: Paper or Fabric Flower Pins

I’m sure to catch some flack from SO many wedding vendors by saying this, but not all of us are stoked about buying a new pair of high-prices shoes, especially heels, when our daily shoe is running shoe or hiking boot (like myself). However, some dresses, wedding styles (and future mother-in-laws) don’t allow for a hip lace up on the big day. In this case, why not ask around to friends and family to find a pair to borrow? Borrowed shoes can be fashioned to fit your style and the look of your big day. In the sample above, I created paper bows attached to clips to hook onto the toe box part of the shoe. Your stationer can create these. If you prefer fabric flowers, there are many fabric bow designers on etsy, Pixel & Hank, for example.



Something Blue: Blueberry Flavored Guest Favors

We are going to close with an idea that takes a little more time than many of those last minute ideas, but can be done with the right resources! The great thing about a homemade jam is that it can fit any style of wedding, vintage to modern to glamorous. It all comes down to the way it is canned and presented. Choose a jar that fits the wedding style. Be sure to have custom labels made by your stationer that will coordinate with the rest of your decor and paper items. Top off the jar with a fun-patterned, lacy, or simple modern fabric and ribbon tie. If you don’t have time to make your own jam, just look up organic jam online and you will find lots of fabulous small companies, like DeGrandchamp’s or Froehlich’s from Southeast Michigan. You can also order blueberries and other jam ingredients online from small farmers around the US if you’re not in a berry-pick’n region.

Your Spring Wedding

Whatever last minute additions you as a bride (or as a vendor assisting a bride) decide to round out the wedding-day details, remember to take a little extra time in researching all options before making any quick last minute decisions. Most importantly, this is a good time to revisit why you have a wedding day coming up! It’s a perfect time to spend a little one-on-one, no-planning time with the person you fell in love with to make all this happen.

Syd Design is a locally owned stationery company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan that endeavors to promote and support its community by developing printed-paper solutions that help make our planet healthier. Says Abbey Fowler, Syd’s Creative Director, “Our role is to translate a client’s individual style into paper solutions for their unique events.” Syd’s specialty is custom wedding stationery and fun greeting cards that fit everyday occasions.

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