Stefan Bucher: The Wounds of Love

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Editor’s Note: We published this review a few weeks back on the same day that Stefan’s good friend Doyald Young passed away. We wanted to update it slightly and share it again, now that some of the shock and grief of that loss has abated. Stefan’s book it is witty and wise.

Stefan Bucher’s (pictured above) new illustrated delight, You Deserve a Medal, Honors on the Path to True Love (2011, knockknockstuff.com), is a hilarious send up of love, heartache and redemption of Les Arts de L’Amour. Bucher’s Buch offers 40  (!!) beautifully designed medals and ribbons that the deserving can earned for courage and valor in the face of breakup, singlehood, relationships and true love. The writing and illustrations are expertly crafted, witty and, often, insightful and poignant. There is a thin line between laughter and tears, Liebchens.


Herr Bucher must have earned most of the awards himself because his text suggests personal experience, not dispassionate observation. Think Cupid, stupid, not Jung. Our author has been hurt before.  This critic must also point out that the German native’s faculty for comic English that would make Dave Chappelle weep with joy (e.g. “Thank you, Regional Conference for Distributed Computing and Networking Administration! I am reborn!” — Don’t; ask just see page 51).

Justice delayed is justice denied. No more! This book corrects an enduring injustice: for far too long mostly Martians have had plazas and fountains named for them (Trafalgar, Napoleon, Charlie Sheen) while lovers from Venus only get pocket parks in Paris filled with pooch poo or empathetic lachrymose from Delilah. This book vindicates Venetians.



First, his exhaustive research uncovered a trove of rusty love medals brass designed in 1894 by Søren Linnåeus and Edward George Goodwin  (Who? Who cares! God bless ‘em!). Next, Bucher adds contemporary relevance to the Trophy Case honoring modern love’s trench warfare survivors with prizes such as The Presidential Medal for Bravery in the Face of Unknown Nudity (pp 70-71), The Unlimited Texting Cross for Stellar Love Notes in 160 Characters or Less (pp 66-67), Persistent Online Dating Campaign Medal (pp 52-53) and The Open Bathroom Door Negotiation Medal (pp 98-99).

Name one book Steven Heller has written that combines texting with online dating, nudity and open bathroom door negotiation in original text and illustration. Ain’t going to happen. Best of all, Knock, Knock has produced some medals you can purchase for $14 for yourself… or a deserving veteran. Not yet produced, but widely anticipated by me, is the $14.00 Alien Toiletry Immigration Award (age 82-83) for “The peaceful introduction of one person’s toiletry items into the other’s home bathroom environment.”  No more brushing your teeth with her mascara applicator, fellas!

Buy this book. Laugh your way through the pain. Then fall in love with a broken-hearted man with a waning German-accent living in metro Los Angeles who did not star on Hogan’s Heroes. It is right thing to do.









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    Amy S. said:

    Where do you find these amazing books? Your review has piqued my curiosity and I must have it and read it! Was it printed on Neenah paper too? :-)

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    Neenah Paper said:

    We welcome book ideas from all comers. We also welcome reviews from our trusted readers and followers, too. Don’t be shy!

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    Amy S. said:

    LOVE seems to be an ongoing theme for these posts. Love of people- friends, significant others, family and love of our pets.
    Love brings it’s share of heartbreak as is shown in this book of Love medals but what would the world be without it? Love is a risk but I think worth it. Thanks Matt Porter for continuing this LOVELY theme :-)

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    congrats on another stellar project. never ceasing to amaze and delight!

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    Neenah Paper said:

    Bucher has a way with words, in English and in Deutsch.