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Waldemar: Celebrating Girl Power

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Got Your Back: Waldemar Cheerleaders Lift Our Spirits!

[Photography by Woody Welch of Austin Texas]  German culture and language are quite common in this stony, hilly, breath-takingly lonely land. Now, here at famed summer girls summer camp,  Waldemar, the lovely setting for Design Ranch aside the quiescent Guadalupe River, a lot of powerful Fraulein und Mädchen come to show off their brass, brains and boots.

Life by the Guadalupe River is very serious. On the porch of one of this historic bunk houses, noted illustrator and art director Denise Gallagher and savvy Cathi Pavy of BBR Creative in Lafayette, LA confer with her pal Emily Potts of Rockport Publishers. Believe me, the subject was NOT branding or marketing——but Texas Two-Stepping strategies were discussed. We will have some great images of the morning events later this afternoon.