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Armin and Bryony Tag Team at HOW Design LIVE

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{Photos by Woody Welch Photography, Austin, TX}

Armin Vit and wife and business partner Bryony Gomez-Palacio will be leading a great discussion at HOW Design LIVE 2011. Armin’s session is Saturday June 25 at 3.45 pm—in it, he will talk about the creative obsessions of people and how even the most unusual obsessions can be used to create interesting, paying projects. Bryony’s talk is the next day, Sunday, at 2 pm., a must see for those seeking career change, advancement or a change of scenery: how to create portfolios that get noticed and get you where you want to go.

1) Did you choose your speaker’s topic … or did it choose you?

Actually, the team at HOW Design Live chose both of our sessions. That is the kind of awesome team players we are. Although, they topics chose are, for us, central to our lives. I think. The session with my wife and partner, Bryony, on how to make portfolios, ties with our self-published book Flaunt, which tackles that subject. My session is about chasing your creative obsessions, something I’ve been doing, for better or worse, for the last ten years.

2) When I see you with your entire family, I definitely think of Team. Okay, then, where do your passions stop and your work begin?

The corny answer is that they both go hand-in-hand.  But they don’t. Work is constant: if you do not work, you do not make money. You may not have passion for something but if you work you’ll at least have money. Of course, when you bring real passion into your work, magic happens, fireworks erupt, and when Vangelis’ Chariots of Fire plays in the background.

3) Not “I Work Hard for My Money,” by Donna Summer?  Anyway, regarding that point about what you have to do to pay the bills. Thank you. You are the first among this crowd to admit that. Thank you. How do you separate life from work… since I know enough about each of you to know you work a lot and love your work!

We don’t. It’s kind of sad at times. We might be at the grocery store and we’ll be taking about work or we will be at work and we’ll be making the grocery list.

4) Besides the one inside the Whole Foods Mothership, do you have an office at home?

We do. It was supposed to be the master bedroom of the house. But since it’s the room where we spend the most of our time we took it as our office. So the weird thing is that we also have the master bathroom and a walk-in closet… Which is kind of handy, I can bathe, get dressed, and export an InDesign file to PDF all within the same room.

5) You have to young children who were with you all at Design Ranch. Don’t they need a couple of dogs and cats? Do those bundles of joy inform your work and ideas?

Yes. We have two  daughters, on 16 months  and one four years old. They are adorable pain in the asse when it comes to their influence on our work: they don’t let us do it.

6) From the looks of those circles under your eyes at Design Ranch, it looks like all that adorableness also cuts into your REM time. Ouch. OK—tell us, please, three or four things you want to accomplish through your appearance at HOW 2011.

• Not give out a single business card.

• Pull James Victore’s mustache.

• Give a hug to my cousin [Mig Reyes- see below]

7) Name three or four places you would like to see while in Chicago … museums, architecture, buildings, paintings, restaurants, walking trails…

• Ride the El.

• See the Lake.

• Stand under the jellybean in Millennium Park.

8) Those are all on my list, too. So, Mig Reyes says you and he are blood cousins. True?

You tell me!


HOW LIVE Decision 2011: Same Family Tree or same JC Penny’s Charge Card?

You be the Judge.