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Mumaw, Glitschka Sign Monster Poster at Neenah Booth

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No, no! We meant Mumaw and Glitschka signing monster posters at the Neenah Booth!

Stefan Mumaw and Von Glitschka will be signing the limited-edition, letter-pressed posters in the Neenah Paper booth on Sunday, the 26th from 12-1pm. Visitors to the event can get the poster at the conference by being one of the first 150 people to buy a copy of Chasing the Monster Idea from the HOW Bookstore on-site (and a few super-secret ways that will be revealed just before the conference). It will be worth the cost of a poster mailer to bring it home safely.


The Eyebrow Raising Hmmmmumaw by Mark Hammermesiter

HOW Design LIVE in Chicago offers a smorgasboard of high calorie information, including one workshop Friday with author/thinker Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Oldfield. [June 24 from 2 until 5 pm]

Says author and speaker Stefan Mumaw, “Ya, like many in this line of work, I’m so incredibly lucky to have great friends in the industry who are willing to come together and share their talents and resources to bring a project together. Neenah Paper, illustrator/designer Von Glitschka, Hammerpress and my publisher, Wiley, all collaborated with me on a poster project that spawned from my new book, Chasing the Monster Idea.”

In Chasing the Monster Idea, author Stefan Mumaw provides a seven-question process for gauging the potential of any big idea. Based on real-world campaigns and insider anecdotes from some of the world’s most prominent marketing minds and ad agencies, Mumaw presents seven questions for determining whether you’ve got the potential for a truly explosive idea or the makings of a fizzling yawner. Find out of your idea has what it takes to go monster! Says Mumaw, “As creatives, we’re constantly faced with the choice to generate average ideas or generate monster ideas. The letterpress poster reminds us that idea generation is a conscious pursuit, we can choose to chase dogs or we can choose to chase monsters.”