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Deep Dish: Sketchy Couple Fills In Deets at HOW

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Do you know this couple?

1) Sketch! So, did you choose your speaker’s topic … or did that topic choose you?

Our session topic, Sketch, Sketch, Sketch, was our destiny – it’s the way we do everything at Design Army so our presentation will not need a lot of rehearsing!! What we will cover in our session is how we do what we do, why we do it, and why it works – no matter if it’s a invite or annual report all of our work starts with a sketch

… and to that we add a shot of business to make it go down smoothly. And—as a bonus—all those that attend our session will take home a custom limited edition Design Army Sketch Book. Oh yeah, we’ll be serving up the deep dish at HOW LIVE 2011 – DC Style!


Got sketch pad?

2) Deep Dish? You mean you have more dirt on Representative Weiner that we have not heard yet? Okay… where does your passion for design stop and your design work begin?


Unwind: when not actually in Paris,

Design Army’s General Pum is day dreaming of the next train to Paris.


Unwind: when not couch surfing at home,

Design Army’s Commander Jake combs design mags in chilly Euro-capitals.

Sometimes we wish they would both stop, but we’ve given up on that idea a long time ago. What we do now is just blend it all together – life, work, chores – it really doesn’t matter anymore but one thing we will not do is not let ourselves go numb. You always need to stay charged and re-charged. For Jake: that is a day relaxing in front of the TV (with a few beers and fresh batteries in the remote) – For Pum: it’s a trip to the bookstore or Paris. As you can imagine our lives are pretty crazy but then again so are we.

3) Crazy?! I’ll say!  To relax, Jake takes a Veggie Siesta on the couch and Pum flies to Paris to buy a book? Do you get back in time for Leno?!  Whoa, lady! Hand us the remote, thank you very much!  Seriously, how do you separate life from work… since I know enough about each of you to know you work a lot and love your work!

See #2 – Passion is Life … wait – was that a Mel Gibson movie?

4) Jake, please tell us you do better than that. Tell us you prefer Edward Norton? Jeremy Irons? Charlize Theron?! Bette Davis!? Do you have an office at home?

Jake has an office – it’s called the couch; [OUCH] but Pum does have real a home office – or as we like to call it: the storage unit. [OUCHIEST] It’s mostly packed with magazines and inspiration boards, photos and [daughter] Sophie’s art projects. If you stand back from the curb and look really close you can see that our house actually leans to the right cause of Pum’s 8,000 pounds of magazines she has hoarded away.

5) Could it be Jake’s recumbent position on the couch that is causing the house to list starboard and not that stash of HOW Magazines, eh?  There is Sophie. Pets? How do they inform your work and ideas?

Our daughter Sophie plus a three pound goldfish are the total; oh, and there’s the dead dog, Little Dale, who we love and who that lives as ashes in Pum’s filing cabinet. Sophie comes to work with us quite a bit and she HAD her own desk until the interns arrived this summer. We are pretty sure she’s a little designer in the making. Sophie will often helps us combine colors for our Color Consumption project, and decorates the office for the entire staff. I have a great collection of Design Army Star Wars characters on my wall, and on our paper sample shelf is a Neenah Swatch Book custom made by Sophie – it has every color/texture you can imagine like only a six-year-old. I think we will try to sell some of them next season to the Neenah Corp HQ.

6) It would not be the first time we saw some work that looked like it was accomplished by an accomplished six year old. We get that stuff all the time. Name three or four things you want to accomplish through your appearance at HOW 2011.

JAKE – I want to see how the Neenah Booth comes out (we designed it!) I want to actually see some of the conference and not have the office calling every 5 minutes. I want to see most of the conference somewhat sober. I want to meet some new people – I heard all these speaker people are really over-rated. =)

PUM – I want to meet some of the people I e-mail with all the time but have never met in person – and all my FaceBook friends.

7) Name three or four places you would like to see while in Chicago.

JAKE – Is the Jerry Springer Show still there? I would like to go see his show and throw a !#$%@$#@ chair.

PUM – I am too busy to plan so wherever my feet take me I will be sure to take a picture … and figure out what it is later.

8) Rule of thumb in Chicago: if you’re feet get wet, you’ve walked into the lake.


If this is disorganization,

please send Pum  to disorganize my house.