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Happy Valentine’s Day Deer in Headlights

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{B-Roll Levi, The Instigator, Star Reporter Jaime}

Dyana Valentine hosts Pitch Perfect: Never Be a Deer in the Headlights Again, on Friday, June 24 is worth every sheckle. We caught up with her in LA a few weeks back. Jaime Lopez of LA was our Star Reporter. Dyana is at HOW now, stuffing goodie bags with inspiration, wisdom and simple solutions to nettlesome challenges. The film was hot over blueberry pancakes at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica.  Look back at our other conversations with Design Army’s Pum  & Jake, Rule29’s Justin Ahrens, Under Consideration’s Armin Vit, Earth’s Mig Reyes, 36Point’s Donovan Berry & Nat Voss and writer Stefan Mumaw.

Don’t forget to drop by our booth. Stefan and Glitschka will be there signing the Monster posters…that post on that is also on our blog.

Here are three blueberry stained videos edited by Matt Porter. The Two Gig download almost broke his DSL line. We meet both Jaime and Dyana then Dyana tells us her ambitions for HOW and beyond…

Dyana Valentine Hello

Check that Off My List!

Conference Weaver: Dyana Redefines the MC Gig

Meet a HOW Design Live Speaker: Dyana Valentine


What happens with the Jerry the Waiter at the Fairmont Hotel Santa Monica…


Stays at the Fairmont Hotel Santa Monica. Except for the Video.