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BOLD FACE NAMES: Martha Stewart and Mig Reyes PR Lady

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And if you cannot find someone you don’t know,

find Mig Reyes who no one really knows.

Dyana Valentine electrified. Dana Arnett guide a beautiful and thoughtful conversation on Design Observer and Change Observer and the art of design for social change. Bill Drenttel and Jessica Helfland inspire, quietly. Mig Reyes talks about new kid on the block Mig Reyes, New Comer.

Kevin McConkey shows how to streamline the process and get more out of yoru work.  You wonder if Stephen Doyle ever is allowed to leave his socks on the floor in his lovely home with wife and Martha Steward alter ego Gail Towey who inhabits Martha Stewart with such quiet competence that you wonder if they once shared a cell block.  Kidding! Kidding!!!

Department of Who Knew:  James Victore is not the foul-mouthed, self promoting opportunist some people believe he is; now,  he is the  foul mouth, self promoting opportunist who cares about baby chicks and children first, thank you.

And speaking of Martha Stewart APPS (like we were!), how about one that allows you to taste the cake and cookies without getting the calories, ok, wise guys, Mrs. It’s a Good Thing Cookie Cutter Smug Rice in the Salt Shaker Lady Man Think Of Everything to Make Life Better People at Martha Stewart Show Pain the Fanny… including those strange twins who have the same resume and one paycheck.

And speaking of New Kids on the Block, can we all take a moment to thank God for young and rising people like Jessica Hische whose talent is only matched by her generosity and humility and a work ethic that would make Babe and Paul Bunyan blush in shame of comparison… I’m just saying.

And one more thing: nowhere is not within a two hour ride to New York City. Its the Regency Ballroom in the West Tower on teh Gold Level in the Hyatt on Wacker. This room is good only for wall-eyed people who love watching video screens separated by 100 yards.


That empty seat? You get those if your presentation was lame.


Run, Lady Run! Do not ask him any more questions.


Martha!??  Martha!!!??? Twins!!??? Where are you!??

Gail, where is Martha Stewart when you really need her?

The Hyatt lobby ranks as arguably the ugliest venue for a cocktail in the history of HOW Design.

[AIGA Memphis Sheraton still holds all time record.]