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HOW? WHOM! Do You Know These HOW-Who’s?

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Saul, Sarah & Steve:  Ssssssenstational.

Writer Tiffany Meyers  (L) and friend enjoy the moment.

Dear Readers,

Confession: Your Blogmeister has been to many of these design conferences over the years and they never get dull. Why? Because of the people who attend them, not the people who present at them. But! You have to have a smart, engaging and thoughtful line up in order to attract past and new audiences to come.

HOW Design LIVE is a huge investment for F+W Publication, the HOW Magazine crowd and, last but not least, the people who come here.



Some of the participants and the speakers. What did they learn at HOW? I will beg that questions and ask you reply by TWITTER, FaceBook messages or, right here converts, on Against the Grain in the comment sections. For now, enjoy the smiles. Our face hurts already.





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