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Back to the Future: I.D. Magazine Returns Online

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By Michelle Taute

{Michelle Taute is a long time friend of ours and worked with Matthew Porter at STEP Inside Design. She is a regular contributor to Against the Grain. She had this scoop for our readers}

Like many design writers, I once worked on the editorial staff of the late, great I.D. Magazine. I landed that job more than a decade ago, but I still have fond memories of pouring through 10 years of back issues to study up for the job interview. My I.D. collection included many dog-eared pages and colorful sticky notes hanging out the sides.


This past February I tossed out about 50 issues of I.D. in a major office purge. The magazine had closed down for good, it seemed, the previous December, and I decided it was time to let my ties to I.D. go, too. A few months later I was invited to help bring back I.D. online. At first, it seemed like bad luck that I’d tossed those issues out. But then I realized it was perfect timing: I’d made room for a new version of I.D. by tossing out the old (as beloved as it was).

As summer kicks off, I.D. reinvents itself for the digital age at www.id-mag.com. This new design site, a partnership with Behance, features enough thought provoking industrial design to kill your productivity for an entire afternoon. I’ll be tweeting about it all @IDOnline and posting updates on Facebook. This year I’m also organizing the prestigious I.D. Annual Design Review competition, so don’t forget to send us your best stuff!

I.D. always shifted and changed with each new group of editors that passed through her doors. And while the site is quite different from the magazine, I love the idea of I.D. making friends with the innovative, tech-savvy folks at Behance and diving into the online design world without being afraid of the water.

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