Just Another Pretty Face? Mig Reyes Has Company!

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Mig Reyes will be leading a Saturday June 27 3.45 pm session at HOW Design Live in Chicago. According the How Star Date Log: “There’s a lot of talent in the under-30 portion of the design industry, and this is your chance to explore it. Everyman Mig Reyes will expose the habits of successful young creative’s, showing you how they do it—and how to use their example to find your own success.”

1) Did you choose your speaker’s topic … or did it choose you?

I chose my topic. I’m fortunate enough to have had some really great working experiences only a few years out of school. Stepping back, I realized that so many of my ‘young-gun’ design friends have, too. I wanted to study the habits and behaviors that lead us to these successes. AKA: we must being doing something right, so what the hell is it?

2) OK, Billy the Kid, from where does passion for your work stop and begin?

If there’s a separation between those two, you shouldn’t be doing it.

3) Well stated, Young-Gun. How do you separate life from work… since I know enough about each of you to know you work a lot and love your work!

I’ll get together with friends and ask my bartender for an IPA. That’s usually the cue to stop working. That is, until we all start talking shop (under the influence.) Then I realize life never separated from work, they just end up feeding each other.

4) Whoa. We have seen you working the room with an entire tray of IPAs in your hand. Do you have an office at home?

I don’t have an office at home, on purpose. When I need to work, I force myself to head to different cafes. I need to be surrounded by unfamiliarity, iced mochas and people. You know, the occasional hipster or a handful of cute girls to work next to. Sometimes I get two birds with one stone and work by cute hipster girls. In other words, the closer I am to my bed and my TV, the less likely I am to get real work done.

5) Careful, mate. “Two birds with one stone” could land you in the slammer in England (see Life on Mars). Speaking of birds, do you have children or pets…. and if so, how do they inform your work and ideas?

No children, but there’s plenty of dogs at the Threadless office! I usually partake in a couple of cuddle sessions, which in turn sparks my next million-dollar* idea.

6) You exploiter of canine kindness! Now we know where you get some of your doggone ideas! Name three or four things you want to accomplish through your appearance at HOW 2011, if you don’t mind.

1. Beat Justin Ahrens (Rule29) and Steve Gordon (RDQLUS.com) in a moonwalk battle.

2. Expose the fact that Chicago thin-crust pizza can rival Chicago deep-dish pizza.

3. Get someone to believe thatArmin Vit and I are cousins.

4. Get through my entire presentation without saying “uh, um” or “like.” That one is next to impossible.



Q. What Do These two Men Have in Common?

A: Good teeth, El Greco, Bad Plaid and HOW Design LIVE speaking times. Oh well.





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    Fun topic and great article. Mig is on my list for must see speakers at HOW!

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    It has been up five hours and only three likes? I thought Mig’s Empire would have populated Tweeterland with 1000s by now!