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Crowing Time @ Farmhouse! New Sundance Promo Sings

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Rise N’ Shine with Farmhouse

There is an impressive array of BOLD FACE NAMES among those who help Neenah Paper create a distinctive voice in the fine paper market place. Rule29. Design Guys. Design Army. &Partners. There are hundreds more with the talent and capability that would welcome the opportunity to do the same. Meet the creators of the newest printed promotion for Sundance.

Did you know there was one design firm located in Atlanta, GA that has served Neenah longer than all current design and branding firms combined? Well, meet Farmhouse Design, a down-to-earth design shop that rises and shines everyday, providing the kind of hard work, dedication and fresh produce that keeps its clients—including Neenah—coming back year after year for more and more.

Neenah could not ask more from a design partner than it enjoys from the folks at Farmhouse, just minutes from downtown Atlanta.  Led by designers Ellie McKenzie and Gary Bannister, and writer/producer Robin Salter, Farmhouse boasts unsurpassed paper and print production knowledge and Neenah knowledge and experience without peer.


{R. Salter left, E. McKenzie right: Sing’n in Perfect Harmony}

Four Pillars, Four Corners

“We work on a lot of smaller projects that support their day-to-day sales and marketing efforts,” says Robin Salter, who wrote the Sundance promo.”

And Neenah has demonstrated its appreciation for the work by entrusting critical branding assignments to us. We loved doing this promotion because we got to flex our creative muscles and do something different.”

Sundance was a Fox River brand before Neenah made it part of its portfolio with the Fox Paper acquisition in 2007. McKenzie and Salter understood the brand’s value proposition and knew how to create a book that would turn heads.

Their strategy was to play up the brand’s Southwestern ties through its name, while promoting four cornerstones of the Sundance value statement. In this promotion, designer McKenzie and writer Salter take us to the precise geological point (see page 1) where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado intersect. Here, they unfold the Sundance story: performance, color, texture and versatility.

Speak for Yourself

At this point, words are superfluous. Instead, as writer Salter put it:

“In our ongoing quest to explain the technical excellence of Neenah products, we must be careful not to get carried away with words. Let the paper speak for itself. Make the words disappear—let the design tell the story.”

Creative Director Ellie McKenzie calls attention to five pages in the book that reveal the sui generis nature of Sundance proposition: high value at a lower price…

• Great First Impression (Cover) Here, the copper foil stamp line drawing is hit hard on the Felt finish paper, creating a debossed effect. The word SUNDANCE in another foil along with a registered emboss creates a multi-dimensional tactile feel.


{Above, pages 1 and Page 7}

•  The Rewards of Risk (Page 1)  Not only is 4/c process printed on this Coyote Red paper to give it depth (note color of the paper showing beneath flowers), it also overprints the US geologic survey medallion foil stamp, giving it a worn and authentic appearance. This demonstrates why risk-taking and putting different processes to work in concert can achieve dramatic results.

•   Accentuate the Negative (Page 7)  This page is achieved with only two colors, but because of the texture and the choice of ink colors, it appears more complex. The paper is used as a negative form, making the paper color a principle design element as opposed to a background only. This technique is not only cost effective, but it shows the paper in a different light, revealing its versatility and value.


{Above, pages 15 and 17}

•  Lasso Loads of Attention (Page 15) This multi-level emboss demonstrates how well the paper handles a complex embossing die, as well as how three colors can be partnered with a striking emboss or de-boss to lasso attention. See reverse side of die, too.

•  Proof, In the Flesh (Page 17)  Digital felt finish paper prints beautifully, including flesh-tones.

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