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Old, New, Borrowed, Blue: You Can Too!

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{By Abbey Fowler of 6.25 Paper Studio}  In this third installment of my sustainable wedding planning series for Against the Grain, I offer more ideas designed inspire wedding suppliers, planners or thoughtful brides to seek out ever more personal ways to arrange more sustainable and memorable weddings that a true reflections of the personality and character of the wedding couple.

On a personal note, we here at Syd Design are in the process of changing our name to6.25 Paper Studio. (www. The old name did not connect to my heart or feel like the right brand to use on our current business path (plus, to be honest, I’m over people calling me Syd). So instead we’re borrowing my own wedding date, creating a new logo and, well, it does have a little bluein it too. Be on the lookout for changes yet to come to our web site, catalog and oh, did I mention retail store…? We have a busy Fall ahead—including our final post for 2011!


Something Old: Cake Toppers

Let’s approach “old” in the sense that this is an “old” tradition, updated. The cake topper tradition has seen a lot of personality in the last few years with couples finding more unique ways to personalize this custom. Instead of running to the local party store and picking up a generic (made in china) bride and groom cake topper, use items you already have or can make to fit the occasion or your personality, perhaps childhood toys, a grandmother’s broach or mini pumpkins. This will make for a great conversation topic between the guests as well.

In the sample above, I used an old toy car along with some trendy paper bunting. Check out Green Wedding Shoes blog for more mini paper bunting inspiration.


Something New: Cupcake Liner Flower Bouquets

Even though I touched on paper flowers in my first post, I want to bring the idea to the table again here because it’s such a popular topic (and well, they’re fun to make!). I toyed with ways to make larger bouquets, and found that there are some fun trends going on with cupcake liners. In the sample above, I used them behind my punched flowers, which created quite a nice backdrop to make the bouquet look a little fuller without as many actual “stems.”

I’m putting the paper flower idea in the “new” category this time because I’m thinking it’s best not to use old cupcake liners in this case. Your custom stationer can likely make a bouquet to match you wedding colors & other stationery. In these bouquets I used paper scraps from a variety of stardream papers along with Neenah’s 100 PC Natural Linen. (There’s also a matte shimmer paper called Cryogen White, it’s not a stardream, but I donno where it comes from… if you guys know I would love to know more about this paper anyways!)


Something Borrowed: Newspaper Wrapped Gifts

Recently I was invited to a bridal shower where the bride requested that all guest don’t wrap their gifts as a small way to make the event eco-conscious. Now as a stationer, and gift-wrapping aficionado (self-proclaimed of course), I can’t imagine showing up to an event with an unwrapped gift. Like I mentioned in my last post about magazine poms,  I don’t subscribe to a newspaper, but they tend to just show up and we always have a plethora of magazines laying around! Let’s re-use all these materials for some gift wrap. (Newspaper may soon be a “vintage” item, so use it while it’s still around!) Asking wedding or shower guests to be conscious about their wrapping efforts will spread some good earth awareness along with giving them a fun project!


Something Blue: Wedding Invitation Set

This wedding suite (Andrew) is from our Studio Line. It’s a fun, more casual design geared towards mountain weddings or nature-themed weddings (for those of us that live on flat land). If a certain blue is apart of your wedding colors, be sure to find the right blue for your stationery by choosing a stationer that can custom-match colors for you. This suite shown is not only blue, but also “green” as it’s printed on 100% PCW Desert Storm paper from Neenah. I know many brides won’t go for the “kraft” paper look, however there are many many other recycled paper options out there, and it’s up to us a stationers/printers/designers to educate clients and promote using these more sustainable options.



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