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Roh Rises Rapidly Being Real: Go Jungyeon!

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♥♥Some People Make Their Own Lucky-Luck: Jungyeon Roh♥♥

♥♥There’s a little saying at the end of illustrator Jungyeon Roh’s email signature that reads, “I want to be a genuine, humble, and pure artist.” It’s even book ended by two little hearts. In other words, it’s the kind of thing the Internet loves to rip apart with a few snarky comments…♥♥

♥♥…Except that Jungyeon Roh comes across as so kind, humble, talented and sincere that instead of reaching for the sarcasm you’re wondering if she might want to be your friend. And create some kick-ass illustrations for your next project.♥♥

♥♥Because it’s the art where Roh puts all her bite. She combines a strong voice and powerful storytelling with often eye-popping color. When you look at her work, it’s clear that she has something to say and she knows how to say it. A skill that’s already earned her two gold cubes from the Art Directors Club and appearances in Communication Arts, Print and American Illustration magazines.♥♥



♥♥Roh recently earned an MFA from the Illustration as Visual Essay department at the School of Visual Arts in New York. This handmade, silk-screened book, called H.O.T., was her thesis project and covers the environmental and health benefits of a vegan diet. Roh made the switch to veganism two years ago, and her passion for the topic shines through. She’s currently shopping for a publisher.♥♥


All About the Public Bath

♥♥This silkscreen piece offers up tips on how to act at a public bath, and it helped snag Roh a gold award at this year’s ADC gala. Roh is from Korea, but she hopes to stay in New York and pursue a career as a freelance illustrator. She originally started entering competitions, because she thought it might help her achieve that dream.♥♥


Desire  No. 4

♥♥If you’re a fan of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, you may have spotted some of Roh’s work in the background. This piece, Desire #4, showed up on the set as part of a funky east village apartment in season two. It’s done in silkscreen, Roh’s favorite medium, and shows off her love of bright CMYK colors.♥♥


Illustration, New York Times

♥♥For The New York Times, Roh created a series of four illustrations about being a Korean/Chinese girl who lives in New York City. They appeared in the Townies blog last year. While Roh loves working by hand, she finds the speed of editorial illustration projects often means turning to the computer, as she did for these pieces. She’s also landed work in Playboy and Bitch magazines.♥♥


♥♥Miss Eggplant’s American Boys♥♥

♥♥Roh studied fine art in Korea and painted what she describes as typical still lifes. She credits illustrator and SVA teacher David Sandlin with helping her find her own voice. This piece is from a 16-spread book she made called Miss Eggplant’s American Boys. The title character is a vegan from an Asian country who comes to America to meet boys. The basic story was inspired by the song American Boy from Estelle.♥♥


Today is Sushi Day

♥♥Another ADC Gold winner, this book follows a group of female sushi masters as they teach Americans how to properly eat sushi. We could use a few of those lessons ourselves.♥♥

{Editor’s note: In the many years of meeting and reporting on people with talent who get noticed, I have never met one who is arrogant, close-minded, rude or lacking in humanity. That does not mean that they do not exist. They merely rarely win public acclaim and/or affection from their peers. This young woman has the talent and the humanity to keep rising, and assuredly bring friends and collaborators along for the rocket ride.}♥♥!!

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