Leaving Pivot via Ranches and RVs

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Pivot has ended with a solid closing session that had inspiration, humor and a great wrap-up by Kurt Andersen.


But the highlight of yesterday evening had to be at The Corona Ranch. The ranch was a good 20 minute drive away, but the shuttle service ran as smoothly as any I have seen at a conference. And once there, Shutterstock had arranged for a full Mariachi Band; mexican food all over the place; telescopes pointing at Jupiter and its four moons, earth’s moon, and various stars.


When you put hundreds of designers together, the real fun was standing in line to get photos taken with friends of old and new. Clicks of a button not only put the photos directly up on monitors for all to see, but also prints being made on the fly.

I assume these will all end up on Facebook in a fashion similar to what they did at the HOW Conference in June. Expect too see designers being tagged like mad when this happens.

Part of the fun of conferences can be seeing a city. So after visiting the McFarlane store, we stopped by next door to see theUniversity of Phoenix Stadium for a tour. Since the Cardinals were not playing this week, surely there would be a way to see this place.

No tour? But we can walk in for free to see an RV show?


I knew they wheeled the entire field outside during the day leaving nothing but a concrete floor in the building, but filling the place with RVs? Does it get anymore Arizona than this? Do I have time to cancel my flight back to Omaha and RV it back? Maybe next time.

I want to thank Matt Porter for letting me fill in for his blogging duties, and all of the folks at Neenah Paper for being great to work with at the conference. This is Donovan Beery, finishing up my reporting from Pivot. Thank you for reading.

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    Neenah Paper said:

    Chapeaux bas, Donovan! What a nice virtual conference we readers enjoyed through your keen insight and amusing observations!

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    Donovan- Big props! You rocked it this weekend! Thanks for blogging!

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    Thanks Matt and Jamie, I really appreciate all of the help you two provided for me this weekend. I’m still a little bummed I’m not in an RV right now, but I’ll settle for actually making it back to Omaha.