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Letterpress, Voting and Sneakers at Saturday’s Pivot

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AIGA Pivot has been sounding like a design conference for the past day, but now it looks like one too. Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum has a table full of gorgeous posters. This one designed by Matthew Carter.

I have been enjoying a lot of the talk about doing good, and designing ideas, not just artifacts. I still love artifacts though, and these are incredible.


From my understanding, visitors can even touch the wood blocks and tour the press area itself if you visit Hamilton.


Maybe it’s the hyptonic smell of the ink, but I am feeling a road trip to this museum may be in order.


This place is crowded with big name speakers by the way. And they seem to move around in packs. Marian Bantjes, Sean Adams, Michael Vanderbyl and me.


Hanging out with Alissa Walker and Josh Silverman, while talking about AIGA…


…and who has the best foot wear of the day. Josh, you need to step up your sneaker game. Beige is not going to win you any competitions at a conference full of designers.

I spent my afternoon at the Design for Democracy and Election Design affinity session. Drew Davies, Marcia Lausen, John Lindback and Jessi Long spoke of the challenges and rewards to redesigning ballots. As Drew says:

“When we’re really doing design for good, it can take a long time.”

And Jessi may have summed it up best with a call to action for all of us designers out there:

“You possess tools that can increase the power of democracy.”