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Chip Kidd Becomes a Super Villain

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There has been a trend here at Pivot (it’s happened two out of two time, so I’ll call that a trend) that the closing session has been running a bit over. But if you’re going to run over, AIGA knows how to make it worth hanging around for, and that’s with the questions that have kept me up at night for years.


I think Chip Kidd just blew my mind with his talk. There is a possibility for a designer to get a job writing a Batman comic book? Is this the greatest project of all time?

Chip showed the story and artwork (in various stages of completion), but only teased us with the knowledge of the villian he calls X-acto (not sure of the exact spelling of this character). X-acto is Chip Kidd. Chip Kidd has become a super villain, and it can only be assumed he will be great at it. One day, I want to be a super villain that Batman has to track down. For now, I’ll settle with a small chat with Chip, Drew Davies and Justin Ahrens about Gotham city.

I hope that tonight’s speakers talk of Superman and a super-villain based on Robert Brunner. Pretty sure his gadgets will be the coolest looking things outside of Wayne Enterprises.

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    Neenah Paper said:

    I think Chip’s character should be called Precisely rather than X-acto. He kills his victims by driving them mad rearranging the pillows on their couch and the knick-knacks on their office shelf. Arrrrrrrrrrgggggh!