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Recipe for Success: Legion, Letterpress and Crane’s

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Legion Paper: Where Everyone (and Every Sheet) Is Special

Pictured Above, Legion Paper Letterpress Promotion, conceived of and coordinated by Flywheel Press of San Mateo California. A complete list of participating designers and mills is shown below. Says Amber Ellis-Sequnie of Flywheel, “The recipe card collection debuted at the National Staionery Show as part of a popular scavenger hunt. This year will feature something similar designed and printed by several different shops and distributed at the show via a scavenger hunt with the box/packaging waiting at Legion Paper’s booth. But this year it won’t be a recipe card. You’ll have to wait and see to find out what it is.”

One of Neenah’s most unique partners is Legion Paper, founded in 1994, the brainchild of founders Len Levine and Michael Ginsburg. Legion Paper offers more than 3500 different papers, from delicate handmade papers to the most technologically advanced digital printing papers available today.

Recipe Card by Igloo Press from the Legion Paper Printed on Crane’s Lettra® Pearl White 220#

Recently, Legion created a new web portal geared towards one of the most discerning and demanding printing craft customer groups in the world, letterpress owners and operators.  Its  letterpresspaper.com: “We felt it necessary to devote an entire website just for the letterpress community because letterpress printers and designers have specific needs and interests that we can better address in a dedicated site,” says Marc Schotland of Legion.

Amber Ellis-Seguine at Flywheel Press of San Mateo, CA, agrees: “Legion paper gives us the ability to purchase small quantities of top papers online.  Usually this is offered through large companies but without customer service. But when you work with Legion you aren’t a number, you are Amber at Flywheel Press. Their selection  allows me to offer my clients a wider range of paper for their custom job. I don’t have the waste and my clients get what they want. It’s a win-win.”

Legion Papers proudly boast that it will “climb the mountains and cross the seas in pursuit of excellence in paper,” sourcing and making available through its huge distribution network papers available nowhere else in the US. And, if you cannot find the paper you want in stock, the company says it will make it for you: “Legion is legendary for creating papers that are now household names and we can custom manufacture papers to suit your ideas and creativity.”

We encourage you to put them to the challenge. There are none more intrepid — or helpful.

Recipe cards were created by the following fine letterpress shops: a. favorite design (afavoritedesign.com), Albertine Press (albertinepress.com), Blackbird Letterpress (blackbirdletterpress.com), Blue Barnhouse (bluebarnhouse.org), Dingbat (blog.dingbatpress.com), Flywheel Press (flywheelpress.com), Igloo Press (iglooletterpress.com), Maginating (maginating.com), May Day Studio (maydaystudio.com), Nic Studio (thenicstudio.com), Old Tom Foolery (oldtomfoolery.com), Paper Mill Designs (papermilldesigns.com), Pistachio Press (pistachiopress.com), Sapling Press (saplingpress.com), Wild Ink Press (wildinkpress.com)

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