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These Greeting/Art Cards Will Flip You Out!

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Another Fine Idea on CRANE’S LETTRA®

From Bennett Holzworth (also on Facebook) and friends and now available on ETSY come Card to Art is a new venture that will force you to look at greeting cards in an entirely new way. Tapping into the same energy and collaborative spirit he uses in letterpress projects and blogging, Holzworth has made Card to Art a greeting card that easily transforms into a matted work of art that is ready for a standard 5” x 7” frame.

Thus when you send them one of these greeting cards you will be sure that it will be framed and displayed prominently on the wall or shelf so they can remember your loyalty, love and kindness. And if they don’t, take them off your list. Just kidding—but it does open up new measures of loyalty and appreciation, right?

When the back is flipped to be the front of the card, it becomes a mat for the art on the front. So that the area of the mat will not be damaged, two removable inserts allow card giver to pen his/her message. The inaugural series is based on the theme of Hot & Cold with six artists participating:

Eric Nyffeler at Doe Eyed
Nicole Gustafsson at Nimasprout
Adrian Hanft at
Peter Morris at Pocket Wookie
Paul Berkbigler at P. Berkbigler Design & Illustration
Suzanne and Bennett Holzworth at Worth it Studio

Every card is hand pressed by Bennett personally and each design is a limited edition of only 200. The six inaugural cards were pressed on a vintage Vandercook letterpress using CRANE’S LETTRA®, an exquisite 100% cotton sheet that is widely used by letterpress shops due to its memory and capacity to showcase the most extraordinary design detail. Cards are available for purchase individually or as sets of six.

CRANE’S LETTRA ® Registered Trademark of Crane & Co., Inc.