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Extreme Recycling with Paul Sahre

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Ridiculous.

The Man at 14th and Sixth Avenue, artist, director, lecturer, foosball pusher, illustrator, designer, author, dad of twins, husband of Emily, man with plan over Dunkin Donut shop, Paul Sahre is  the epitome of New York intellect, cool and reserve.  But, then again, have you seen him lose time after time at the Graphic Design World Foosball Championship? Illustrator Oliver Munday says it “not pretty” seeing a old champion fade in the flourescent light. Here, Paul Sahre again reminds us there is great joy in the pointless, and ridiculous — while repurposing paper to great effect. While I am not the first to post this video, I will do it justice by NOT describing it. It speaks for itself. If only my Final Ride can be as hip as this one:





“As you may or may not know, I have been busy building for the last few months at Adam Wahler’s A to A studio in Stamford, CT a life-sized monster truck hearse for the band They Might Be Giants. It is made entirely of card board and Epson prints. We are done.  And so is the monster. We produced a music video for a new Giants song “When Will You Die,” wherein we build the monster and then destroy it —that is recycle it. This has been one of the hardest, most ridiculous/pointless yet rewarding things i’ve done in a while. maybe ever. Please support the band and buy their album!” — Paul Sahre, Art Director, Producer


Credits Courtesy of OOPS…

When Will You Die?
2012, music video
Client: They Might Be Giants
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When Will You Die
by They Might Be Giants

John Flansburgh, Paul Sahre

Paul Sahre, Joe Hollier

Joe Hollier, Charlotte Hornsby, Dave Cooke

Tony Zajkowski, Joe Hollier

Shot on location at

Printing and Construction:
A to A Studio Solutions, Stamford, CT

Destruction and Recycling:
T N T Scrap Metal, Brooklyn, NY

Life-Size Hearse Design

Art Director: Paul Sahre

Designers: Elias Derboven, Erik Carter, Santiago Carrasquilla
and Alex Stikeleather

Life-Size Hearse-Builders:
Erik Carter, Elias Derboven, Santiago Carrasquilla,
Alex Stikeleather, Joe Hollier, Michael Devine-Rosser, Charlotte Hornsby,
Sarah O’Brien, Oliver Lanzenberg, Dalequan Hickson, Kaitlyn Jeffers

Special thanks to:

Main Man: Adam S. Wahler

and Johnny J. Cruz, Dalequan Hickson, Alexander “Alex” Wahler,
Allan R. Wahler, and Manuel Sanchez at A to A Studio Solutions


Tim Fulton
at T N T Scrap Metal

also thanks

Frank DeRose, Hjalti Karlsson, Emily Oberman

And if you already haven’t, BUY THE ALBUM!

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