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Cool Haute Papier Red Hot Valentines

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When Your Haute,You’re Haute

Haute Papier Collections is a Washington DC-based purveyor for exquisite papers and products. We were so impressed with some holiday cards they sent to us last December, we could hardly wait to see what they would be offering for Valentines Day.  The company has a studio in Georgetown, a production facility in Rosslyn, Virginia and distributes its paper creations to fine stationers across the United States and Canada. We sat down with Founder and owner Sarah Meyer Walsh, to ask her how she and her business partner Erin Miller got hooked on fine paper and design for special events.

(All cards pictured feature Crane’s Lettra®, Fluorescent White 110 Cover)


Q  So, Sarah, what got you so interested in high end paper and printing?

A  Nothing helps a great design stand out as well as really nice paper and equally exquisite printing!  Both Erin and I have always had a love for beautiful paper and learning to letterpress indulged our senses even more!

Q  Are you a DC native? Is anyone really from Washington DC besides Hillary Clinton?

A  Nope, Erin is from North Carolina and I’m from Western NY.


Q  What is your education and professional background?

A  Erin and I both attended American University here in DC where Erin was a history major and I was a Political Science major… Obviously, we’ve used those liberal arts degrees in a different way.

Q  That’s why they call it “Liberal Arts” education not “Literal Arts” education. Good for you.  Do you see a growth in demand for high end printing and paper?

A  Absolutely!  In the days of this digital age, nothing leaves more of an “impression” than a beautiful handwritten note on a letter press card. We stress the importance of snail mailed correspondence and the lasting impact it leaves with the recipients. We shout this from the rooftops for everyone to hear.