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ArtCrank and Neenah: 3/14 at CoCo MPLS

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Vile Donut Ballot Box Stuffing Strategy Catapults ArtCrank To Victory

Neenah will be anteing up on its debt March 14 at Coco Coffee location at 400 S 4th Street in MPLS. ArtCrank began in MPLS in 2007. It is a on-going series of poster shows hosted in bike-loving communities across our green nation. Their mission is to use creativity to change the way people think about bicycles and the cycling community.  From ArtCrank Website:

“Generally speaking, we’re not big gamblers. Sure, we pour a little change into the slot machines in Vegas (not the ones in the restrooms, mind you) for amusement. But no one’s ever accused us of being high rollers. But a couple months ago, we noticed that our friends at Neenah Paper were less than 100 followers away from cracking the 9,000 plateau on Twitter, while we were similarly close to 10,000. So we proposed a friendly wager: If Neenah hits 9,000 before we hit 10,000, we’ll buy you drinks — cocktails being the standard currency in the sovereign republic of ARTCRANK. Their counter offer? ‘If ARTCRANK hits 10,000 first,’ Neeenah promised, ‘Okay, we will buy you donuts.’ Long story short, the race was neck and neck, but we lurched over the line to 10,000 mere minutes before Neenah hit 9,000. We did so by shamelessly mentioning donuts in all of our tweets for a solid hour. In a tremendous show of sportsmanship and good will, Neenah is making good on their end of the bet by teaming up with us to host a coffee break on Wednesday, March 14 at CoCo Minneapolis.”