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What Happens in Vegas…Becomes a Roadshow?

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Eat Your Heart Out, Manilow.

OK. Admittedly, a letter press event is not the first thing you think of when you dream of Vegas frivolity. Well! If you are a designer or print maker who lives there, maybe it is! This Valentine letter press  event proved conclusively that there is more to Vegas than Celine Dion at Caesar’s or Connie Francis at the Sahara!

The old rule “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” bit the dust with Twitter, blogs and Facebook. Just in time! Neenah super sales rep Jill Dunleavy wrote in to tell us about the success of a  Burdge Cooper letterpress event that was a smash hit in Sin City.  Entitled Make an Impression, the event was organized by Burdge Cooper and AIGA/Las Vegas and co-sponsored by Neenah.

Burge Cooper drove over from LA with letterpress so guests could hand make and print Valentine Cards.  Burge Cooper also hosted work shops on foil stamping engraving, die cutting, embossing, binding and other printing techniques and processes.

Said Jill, “Our event was held at the coolest location, The Morelli House, designed and built in 1959 by the Sand’s orchestra conductor and music director Antonio Morelli. Think the Rat Pack but with soft drinks and appetizers.” Even without cocktails, RSVP’s hit 100 and the game was on.

“We had more than 100,” added Jill, “Every major hotel and casino creative person and design agency representative was in attendance including some folks who we don’t often see at after hour events.”  Was it the timing? The letter press? The location? The ghost of the Rat Pack in Morelli’s swanky crib? Let’s just be romantic and say, it was the heartwarming appeal of hand making a Valentine  for someone you love… other than Barry Manilow.

Better still: Don Burdge and his mobile letterpress are considering taking this concert on the road. Mother’s Day is just around the corner.