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Happy Earth Day: Celebrating Reducers, Reusers & Repurposers

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{Editor’s Note: Happy Earth Day from Neenah Paper! Nancy Sharon Collins shows how the idea of repurposing is taken to a whole new level down in the Big Easy. Always fun to see NOLA through her trained eyes.}


Images 1, 2 and 3 Above:  In New Orleans, we generally re-purpose just about everything, from our graffiti to our WPA-era civic art. Check out this amazing documentary from local Canary Collective on (adopted) native son, Enrique Alferez. He’s sort of the Diego Rivera of New Orleans pubic sculpture.


Image 4 Above: We even re-purpose t-shirt silkscreening equipment, Elizabeth Buchta and Daniela Marx (local university educators) pictured here with the new-to-them, re-cycled, ginormous machine at the Loyola University New Orleans loading dock. Their plan is to create a co-op print studio open to the general public!



Image 5 Above: Delgado Community College’s typography class hosted Allan Haley, Director of Words and Letters at Monotype Imaging Corporation who imparting his type and font wisdom. Allan re-purposed his vacation, altruistically sharing personal time for the class.


Image 6 Above: The 2012 New Orleans Earth Day Festival provides an opportunity for fest-goers to participate in hands-on demos for loads of earth-friendly community activities.