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I May be Late to the Party, but OOPS Makes Victore Look Good.

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At last year’s HOWLive Conference in Chicago, I had the great pleasure to meet and interview James Victore. Part artist, part designer, part awesome, James Victore has been doing some great work over the past twenty-five-ish years now. So, of course I decided to ask him about movie recommendations. He mentioned The Town. I wouldn’t call myself a Ben Affleck fan by any stretch, but I don’t dislike some of his movies, so I figured I’d take his word on this one.

By this, I mean it took me until this week to finally watch it with my friend, Tom Nemitz. Sure enough, The Town was entertaining, had an actual plot and dialog that did not make me feel dumber for watching it, and was good enough for me to recommend as well. Not to the level of Hot Tub Time Machine, but recommend.

And it looks like it took me just as long to get around to saying, “hey, James Victore may have one of the coolest books showcasing his work I have ever seen.”

Office of Paul Sahre (OOPS) did what I now want to see more of – applying as much ink on the pages of a book as I think may be physically possible. I mean, the only space not covered in black seems to be a spot left for the sole purpose of James Victore signing these gorgeous things.


Victore or, Who Died and Made You Boss? was a book that reminded me of why this guy’s work deserves a book that stands out from the others.


There is a real art to making something appear so simple. And the more I look at the examples shown, the more I realize how great the samples are.


I’m not sure I want to read another book on white paper. After this, it just seems… boring? tame? generic?


I know that e-books are part of the future, but great design showcasing great design still makes me happy – regardless of format.