Creatives’ Cupboard Shows Us What’s Now.

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Now what? That is how Crystal Reynolds starts her Creatives’ Cupboard book (with a companion website here).

Now coming into her third HOW Conference, Crystal felt the need to share her HOW experiences and open up opportunities to connect with those that inspire, those that will become friends, and those that understand what being a designer is about.

I couldn’t believe it as I was handed a large booklet (I am told a PDF is on the site) she made that I am now using instead of the official conference guide. I’m inspired just by the passion put into this, and am super grateful one somehow ended up in my hands.

A few pages of insights into the minds of some of the speakers, such as this one with Stefan Mumaw, give great background to the people we are about to see on stage.

She recreated the entire HOW schedule in an easy-to-read format based more on the calendar views we are use to? Amazing.

The back 3/4 of the book is set to take notes on the conference, doodle, and to take notes on the things that inspire you.

A photo of Nate Voss rubbing my head while we prepare to record an episode of The Reflex Blue Show last year made the photo collage cut. Crystal, you spelled my name as “Donavan”, it’s “Donovan”. I’ll get over it, but I’m cutting the review short because of it.

Also cutting it short because of the giant opening that is going to happen in a mere hours…

Have to mention the game last night. Great stadium, passionate fans, wonderful city.

And as the sun went down, it finally dropped below 100.

And we can now open the conference in a good mood, right?

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