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business plan on muffin bag alters their life

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Bryony + Armin: Keeping it Real.

At a banal breakfast  shop nearby their Brooklyn apartment, Bryony Gomez-Placio and Armin Vit turned their muffin bag inside out and began to scribble out a life plan that would, eventually, take them out of agency life, out of Brooklyn and their garage office, down to Austin, TX, away from clients and into an “alternative” design career that would transform their lives.

Whenever you see people like this couple up on a national stage, the question always enters your mind — “Are they rich? Do they suffer the same ups and downs as I?” Bryony and Armin answer that with a resounding “Yes!”

They may be  known but they expose personal information to illustrate their point, revealing the ebbs and flows of their hopes and failures,  careers and incomes. Their story is appealing not because it is “rare,” but rather because we can relate to it.  “They,” as are a lot more like “us” that we expected — except they have taken risks to change their life course and  inspire us to do the same.

Bryony and Armin traced their trajectory from successful young designers at big famous design firms (Addision + Pentagram, respectively) to their lives as young parents struggling with finances, career choices, bad crappy clients and lifestyles that left little for themselves.

Gradually, they set a course for change, slowing divesting themselves of client work and building an “alternative” career as curators of great ideas and facilitators of great conversations. This led them to Austin (to be closer to family). And then their sponsored blog Under Consideration and now the third annual Brand New Conference. 

“Most of all, we do it ourselves… because there is no one else to do to it. You have to always rely on yourself first,” Armin concluded. To which Bryony added, “And you need backbone. With big freedom comes big risk and risk is mitigated by careful planning.”

Never under estimate the value of a good plan scribbled on a banal muffin shop bag. It could alter your life.


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