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Acadia Crashes Into South Boston: No Survivors Reported

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Kody Chamberlain is from Lafayette, Louisiana, the capital of Louisiana Cajun country. He will not have to affect a mawkish fawhn’n Bawston accent. You know they hate it when we do this. The natives, I mean. Well, they ain’t the only ones to get a good rib’n for their charming regional ways and accents. But let’s beat this theme to death. It is so rich. You need to practice some Here is a tip from a great site I found buried in the Boston University site:

“The quickest way to convince a native that you’re just a tourist is to refer to “the Public Gardens” (even if you pronounce it “Public Gahdens”) or “the Boston Commons.” Both are singular (ie., “Public Garden” and “Boston Common”). Other tips: Tremont is pronounced “Treh-mont,” it’s COPley, not COPEly, Square (or Squayuh), and the last (or first) stop on the Blue Line is Bowd’n. The pronunciation of many other Massachusetts locations bears little resemblance to their spelling; to avoid the feeling that the natives are snickering at you behind your back, take The Massachusetts Quiz. And never, never call Boston “Beantown;” it grates on the local ears sort of like “Frisco” does on the ears of San Francisco residents.

Meanwhile, we continue to take advantage of the five guys who will be signing posters at the Neenah Paper booth inside the HOW Design LIVE Resource Centah.Glitschka and Ahren’s test results?  EMBARRASSING! — so now we turn our powerful beam upon one other:  Kody Chamberlain of Lafayette, LA.

Kody, Keeper of the Downtown Chicken Flame, will sign 100 of these poster at the Neenah booth.

             Name of Studio: Kody Chamberlain
             Name of Wife: Kristie
             Neighborhood You Live In: The Swamps of Louisiana
            Children: 1 boy, nicknamed: Shluca
            Passions (beyond work): Locating lost iPhone chargers
            Name of beloved pets: The Downtown Chicken (2009-2010 R.I.P.)
            Favorite Celtic or Red Sock you love to hate or love: Drew Brees?

Bawston Primah Professah:  Which historic water hole is highest up on  your list of  What To Do When Im Blow’n Off Justin Ahren’s Happy Talk? 

Downtown Chicken: CHEERS, est. 1895.

Bawston Primah Professah: Wrong. Did you know about Boston’s tourist clogged Freedom Trail? Where does Freedom start and end in Boston?

Downtown Chicken: Everybody knows the Freedom Trail begins and ends at CHEERS, est. 1895.

Bawston Primah Professah: Cheers est 1895 IS NOT the answer to every question concerning Boston any more than the Ty Coon’s is the answer to every question regarding Lafayette. Please try to be serious. Did you grow up enjoying the sermons of Cotton Mather or his fun loving pop, Increase Mather? When do you feel like a Puritan?

Downtown Chicken:  I am not familiar with either recipe, although they do sound tasty. I feel like a Puritan when I make a Roux, Pork & Chicken Jambalaya, or Crawfish Étouffée.

Bawston Primah Professah: Is that what happened to Downtown Chicken? Who is your favorite Boston born world action hero?  Choose anyone between William Bradford and Matt Damon but not Ben Afleck because I cannot stand him and I will not call positive attention to his name.

Downtown Chicken:  The correct answer is Michael Chiklis (Vic Mackey – FOREVAH!).

Bawston Primah Professah:  Who? If some guy walked up to you in Boston and said, ‘You look like a good coxswain. Care to get inside my scull and take a ride?’ Would you slug them?

Downtown Chicken:   I would slug them. The proper term is “Pirogue Captain.”

Bawston Primah Professah: How many lanterns were hung in the North Church steeple on the famous night of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere? One if by land, two if by sea.

Downtown Chicken:  Therefore, one plus two equals three. #math.

Bawston Primah Professah: Who do you predict will get arrested giving John Harvard a lap dance while visiting the city? No. But it will bring a large amount of tips.

Downtown Chicken: As a skilled lap dancer, I’m offended by the accusation. I’m only doing this to pay my way through college.

Bawston Primah Professah:  If you can guess the meaning of at least three of the following expressions, Neenah will buy you a hoodsie at the packie on the Fenway. (Go here for the answers to this vocab segment.)

Downtown Chicken:  a. Ghoulstickah – Ska music often featuring haunting melodies and goth-like apparel.

b. Stylene – A very thin styrofoam container designed to hold up to three severed fingers.

 c. Take a Dudley – To take a short nap of no longer than twenty minutes, usually accompanied by a drunken actor.

d. Dungahs/Dungies – A pair of pants with one leg missing or hemmed high above the left knee.

e. Bubbla – A tiny air bubble between the paper and matte board, located directly in the center of a well mounted portfolio piece.

f. Potty platta – A Boston sandwich mistakenly believed to be on par with a Louisiana PoBoy.

g. Triple Eagle – A typography term used to describe a well kerned version of the words “Well Kerned”.

 The Downtown Chicken (2009-2010 R.I.P.)

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