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Choose to Be Creative: Confetti, Paper Airplanes and SWAG!

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Tonight’s kick off of HOW Design Live in Boston featured Sam Harrison as Keynote — Sam is a wonder of words and insights. Entitled Coltrane, Concord, Cool Kid and other Creative Choices, only a dude like Sam can turns all those C’s into Straight A’s. I hope all the C Students texting in the back of the jam packed Auditorium at the Hyne

s Center were listening to some of what Sam had to say.  Sam had everyone on their feet, Neenah Paper Planes in the air and getting in touch in a confetti parade of the promis within all of us. Great kickoff sermon Brother Sam!


Tom Wright Knows How to Dish Out the Goodies!

As soon as Sam finished, the HOW Design Live Resource Center (aka The Chum Bar) opened up with a Shot Understood Round the World: Free Food! Posters! Bags! T-shirts! Hats! Drinks! Your favorite paper company boasts three (3!) booths there including Neenah Cabinet Cabinet™ for Desktop, our super new paper specification software that will blow you away. The Cabinet™ “test kitchen” at HOW was jammed…

Brother Sam Lifts the Spirits of the Faithful.

What is Neenah Cabinet?
Cabinet demystifies, simplifies and advances the process of sampling, choosing, proofing and specifying the right paper, or combination of papers, for print projects of all kinds, giving users the essentials that will significantly impact their creative workflows. Work!! Flows!!!  Be sure to visit the Neenah Cabinet at www.neenahpaper.com/cabinet.


Beery and Fellow Ohama Citizen Compare Steak Cut Jokes in front of Neenah Paper Booth…

(Jamie Saunders in background with her hair on fire).

Fun for all. And for all  for Creative. As Sam said, CREATIVITY IS A CHOICE! Choose to be!