I Learn by Going Where I Have To Go

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One last dinner before my trip to cover HOW Design Live in Boston, and I get this fortune. Surely this is by random chance, right?

I have never been to Boston before, so I was especially excited about this year’s conference. Within minutes of being on the ground, and just seeing the city from the window of a taxi, I can tell why I hear so many great things. There is an excitement, beauty, and history that seems to be around every corner.

Even though the show here has just started, a bit of day-before city scouting has me feeling confident that we will easily get more from this event than by sitting at the office this week. I look forward to blogging, along with Matt Porter, about the experience that is HOW.

The view from the hotel is magnificent, but don’t let it fool you, it’s still 100 degrees out. As great as this week may be, it’ll be the hottest HOW since Austin.

Of course we’re going to try out this place for lunch.

And the pizza does not disappoint.

The walk around the area was, well, it was cut short because of the heat, but other than that, what a great city.

Does Neenah run this place or what?

And with the conference just under way, and with an 8am start time, they did well to have the energetic Dyana Valentine start it off.

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    Thanks for the mention, Donovan! Take me with you to the next food joint–that pizza looks fabulous. Thanks, too, for the continued support and for mentioning me in your post. Was wonderful to kickstart the day with a room full of fabulous humans, you included.

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    Neenah Paper said:

    I am at the Salty Pig on my way in. Sit at the bar at Happy Hour and ask for Patrick, of course, what else would your name be in Boston! “I’m from Chicago,” he says. Great place and order the potty platta with a Mile High Sky (elderflower)!

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    TOM WRIGHT said:

    Yes Donovan, Neenah does cover the world, man hole covers and paper cover weights as well!