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30 in 60 with Dyana Valentine and Jim Krause is Standing Room Only at HOW

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I’ll be honest, I had no idea what the “30 in 60” presentation title was about, I just knew I had to see Jim Krause speak while at the HOW Live Design Conference. The fact that Dyana Valentine was involved as well made me realize that this was going to be an energetic event regardless – perfect for a session just before the lunch hour.

And what a great format “30 in 60” is. 30 ideas/ways to get your creative energy flowing presented in 60 minutes. Kind of like a 15 round debate with Jim and Dyana alternating knowledge bombs.

I’ll call the bout a tie – but it was all win for the audience in this fun, educational, fast-paced match. What I took the most from? Jim’s constant reminders to do things differently and shake it up a bit. “Information in, good design out.”

You know you picked the right session when people have to start sitting in the isles between the chairs. Nobody seemed to leave this one early, and by the end of the hour, as more people kept entering, it went standing room only in the back.

“Shake up your daily routine.”
“It doesn’t have to be harder, it just has to be slightly different.”
– Dyana Valentine

OK Dyana, we’re awake and paying attention now.

“Stress yourself out a little and see how much smarter you get.”
– Dyana Valentine

Dyana askes the audience who has a great office space. My coworker, Ben Lueders, talks real briefly about the Eleven19 space.

Jim shares his space via video. “I like being in this room. It doesn’t feel like a jail. Push the limits of what your work will allow. Carry some of the energy into your workspace.” I couldn’t agree more.

And back in the convention space at HOW, Neenah Paper’s own Tom Wright man’s one of their 3(!) booths.

A celebrity sighting at another of the 3(!) booths as Chip Kidd stops by.

And Justin Ahrens in full rock-star mode signing some gorgeous posters printed just for the event at the Neenah booth.

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