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A Thing of Beauty: 90 x 2 = Double Perfection

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“Spot On” Crane’s Lettra® 90 Cover Performs Beautifully in Duplex*

Studio on Fire (SOF) is a design and letterpress workspace located at 1621 East Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis. The studio began more than a dozen years ago as a single press in a basement “between the boiler and the litter box” and has grown into an impressive machine of ten well-oiled presses that keep 11 hardworking designers and press people quite busy.  Their work is sublime, refined and delightful to see and touch.

This is a side view of a very nice duplex.

When they received the new Crane’s Lettra® 90 Cover, they quickly put it to good use. Explains Ben Levitz of Studio on Fire, “This is a product we’ve been asking about for a long time: Crane’s Lettra® 90lb cover stock is thick, but not so thick, making it a good choice for duplexing. Understand, we are paper nerds. So we checked. We busted out our calipers to compare the thickness of some duplex Lettra® stocks. We found that our Lettra® 220 stock calipers at .039″ (40pt) and the new 180lb cover stock calipers at .031″ (30pt), roughly a 25% reduction. We knew this would be put to great use here.”

Letter Press Perfection.

Studio on Fire’s first project to hit press with this new stock was for film director Nathaniel Freeman. “We printed with a navy ink and a custom varnish, the 90lb pearl white stock was duplexed after printing in order to conceal the impression show-through at the center of the card. The finished product features a nice sculptural impression, but with less bulk.”

Patrick Jeske of parts & labor in Minneapolis designed the card and explained design intent: “The design called for a piece that was refined, elegant, and timeless, without being pretentious; while tipping it’s hat to the heritage of the client’s ancestry. This was a true design challenge. First, I knew it had to be printed on letterpress. Second, we knew the paper had to be spot on. Third, I knew my friends at Studio on Fire could help me pull it off.”

A thing of beauty.

Ben at Studio on Fire picks up from there:  “The paper could not be a bright white nor a variation of a tan stock — it needed to be somewhere in between. Initially, Patrick thought of Lettra®  220 Pearl White, but we all realized it would generate too much thickness, so we suggested something completely new.”

Studio on Fire: Where they leave their blood on the floor

Continues Jeske of parts & labor, “SOF suggested that we could duplex the recently released Crane’s Lettra® Pearl White 90 Cover. It proved to be a brilliant solution that worked out even better than we had imagined. The tactile qualities of Lettra® accentuate the design without overwhelming it. Our client is very happy and the initial response from their colleagues has been very positive. Better still, the piece has already attracted new business for us that I look forward to sharing with Studio on Fire.”

Crane’s Lettra® 90 Cover is available in fluorescent White, Pearl White and Ecru. “We’ve added all of them to our list of preferred house stocks,” added Ben.  It does not get any better than that.


*® Registered Trademark of Crane & Co., Inc.



Letterpress: Studio On Fire, Minneapolis, Minnesota — www.studioonfire.com

Design: Patrick Jeske, parts & labor, Minneapolis, MN — www.prtslbr.com

Client: Nathaniel Freeman — www.freemanllc.us